Racer (Hippo Games) Racer (Hippo Games)
Made by: Hippo Games
Website: http://hippo.nipax.cz/download.en.php
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Different modes
Fair number of tracks
2 player multiplayer
Tough computer opponents
Some strange sound effects

Prepare yourself for another fast racing experience. This time around, there is more modes for you to check out, harder opponents to challenge, and all around, its a different kind of racing game. Well not that different.  You still have a set number of laps and different opponents to challenge.  There is much more to do in this racing game, where each challenge will keep you on your toes, and make sure you race to win at any cost. There are many different modes, multiplayer, and plenty of tracks to check out, as well as many different cars to use in your quest to become the racing champion of the world.

Once you start the game, head on down to the settings to change such things as your name, graphics and audio, and tweak them to your liking. Next, pick your game mode of choice. You have different modes to choose from.  There is career mode where you embark on a journey from humble beginnings (well, in racing terms that is) with a modest car.  As you enter different tournaments, win the cash from placing well at this tournament, and then buying new cars and parts for your vehicles. There is also training mode, where you can practice on any tracks, with whatever car youd like against a certain number of opponents, certain number of laps and also whether youd like to race in the day time or night time. All these options are customizable in this mode. The next mode is essentially the same. Finally there is cup mode, which challenges you to race in a small tournament for the prize of that brand new gold trophy.

It was good to see quite a bit of variety in this game. With the different modes of racing that you can pursue, this game will take some time to complete, especially career mode, where there is a fair amount of tournaments and challenges you can enter. The training mode as well will give you the practice you need against your opponents, and also allow you to get a good feel of the different cars (which are all licensed real world cars) and how they control. There are also a sizeable number of tracks that are available. Not a lot, and some are similar, but still a fair amount that will challenge your racing skills in each of the different modes. What is also intriguing is the whole day/night concept, which does not change the game much, other than externally.  But still it looks nifty and you do not see this feature in many freeware racing titles.

It was also nice to see that a hot seat multiplayer option was included for this game, as it just adds to the numerous features that are already available in this racing game.

Still, the computer opponents were pretty tough on the default difficulty, and they are quite the pro racers, who will not let you make many mistakes, otherwise you will quickly fall to last place, however after a few rounds with them, you will get used to them. Also, some of the sound effects that were used in the game seemed a bit odd, and sometimes a bit much as well. I can understand that the developers were trying to mimic the outside courses with such sound effects as animals yelling and so on, but sometimes it can get quite loud hearing each of these yell as you race.  Nevertheless, this was a fun racing game and it has quite a bit to offer. If youre looking for a good challenge, look no further than this title. So check out Racer and see it for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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Hot Seat
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