RPGWorld Online RPGWorld Online
Made by: Mickey
Website: http://www.rpgwo.com
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Big amount of skills to master
Huge world to discover
Good magic system
Steep learning curve
Annoying sound effects
Small amount of players

Rpgworld is an online 2D roleplaying game in which you take control of a character with loads of ablities to train and tons of things to do like collecting money, training your skills, teaming up to fight bigger monsters and erect cute little houses to live in or build granite fortresses you defend with catapults to use as a base. there's also an enormous world to explore with sectors from 200x200 squares, not only that, it is also possible to dig into the underground to mine for resources or riches

Controls and Gameplay
You control most of the action with the mouse, although there is a keyboard control available as well, some actions however, cannot be done by using the mouse alone, like taming monsters for example, you wil need to target (click) the monster you want to tame and type /tame in the chatbox, or if you want to use an emotion, u need to type in /e in the chatbox, followed by your emotion (text-only) example, /e talks will give the following message in the chatbox: Exile talks, instead of Exile says: talks when you leave away the /e.

Of course, there are some actions that can only be done by the mouse, the magic system for example:
1. target enemy
2. click magic tab
3. select spell and click the cast button
*also, attacking enemies cannot be done by keyboard, more about that later.

Of course, you also have an inventory screen and an equip screen, if you wouldn't, well, that wouldn't make this a very good rp game. the inventory has a click and drag system to equip/unequip items for example, but also for picking up, dropping and putting item's inside backpacks.underneath the inventory are 7 little buttons, each of them have a letter on it.
like the A for attack, G for guard or C for Scan.
*these buttons can only be used with the mouse

One of the weak(er) points of the game, characters don't show any animation while moving or fighting, and most magic attacks are non-animated fireballs for example, and i do mean most, not all, the blackhole attack for example does have animation.
some computers seem to have problems with the graphics, they will show an error message saying something like: activex error, graphics sync -10047583
this can be solved in 9 cases out of 10 by deleting all rpgworld files and reinstalling with the alternative setup program.

Another weak(er) part of the game, most sounds are annoying bleeps or honks, and there still seems to be a bug with night-sounds at clear daylight...
even more annoying is that with every message you hear, another bleep comes, luckily, you can turn off (parts of the) sound effects, so you won't go crazy going around teasing n00bs. but if you look at it on the bright side, all of the sound effects are mostly "pure" without the kgggggggggh sound in it.

All in all, rpgworld is a fun to play game, lots of possibilities, lots of chances, although you might need to restart a couple of times when you first start of, you will most likely find this to be a fun game to play after a while, most of the times the administrators are around to keep the order and answer questions, and if they aren't there, there is always bound to be a player online to ask him/her.

Review by: Exile

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