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For two players
Graphics and sound not great
No single player mode

QBasic Gorillas is a freeware (open-source) game by Microsoft that was included in their first version of Qbasic.

The aim of Gorillas is to gain points by killing the other Gorilla by throwing explosive bananas at it.

You start the game by typing the names of player one and player two. After that you type how many points you want to play to. You also get to select the gravity.

Once you're in game you can set the angle and velocity of the banana, but its not as simple as that. You also have to take into account the wind, and the buildings that are around you.

The thing I like most about Gorillas is that its a two player game; there are no computer controlled gorillas in this game, so it´s lots of fun if you have someone to play with.

Overall, Gorillas is a nice game and will provide plenty of fun for some time. While its graphics and sound are not that great they are functional and suit the game well.

Technical note:
Gorilla has been tested in DOS-Box, but it should work on all DOS supporting systems. The default settings for DOS-Box should run this game fine.

To start the game run "Runme.bat", once Qbasic has started press "shift + F5" to start the game.

Review by: The chicken man

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