Interesting Story
Good length of adventure
Nice graphics
Odd bugs
Not much music

Putting the time and effort into an adventure game is not the easiest of tasks, and with such programs as Adventure Game Studio to help amateur developers out, it can really make the task much easier to do. When the effort is made to make a really stand out adventure game, the results really can be seen. With Prodigal it is very clear how much effort and time went into developing this very excellent adventure game, in such things as the different graphic styles seen in the game. The actual story itself, the different sounds you hear, make this an adventure game that is enjoyable to play and simple to really get yourself immersed in the world - something that is not easy to pull off with the many adventure titles out there for download on the net.

The story of Prodigal starts off simply enough - we see the main character of the adventure, Jacob, on his way to look for his brother. The police have found his car and there was no sign of where he went, so Jacob goes off in search from the car and heads into the forest.  Soon after stumbling upon a cabin, Jacob begins to discover some new clues about his brother and what he may have been involved in before his disappearance, and so starts the adventure.

The graphics in the game are done nicely, the environments may be a bit bland colourwise, but in terms of the actual content of the game they do a nice job of expressing the darkness of the story. Therefore, I found them to be effective. Also, the game uses cut scenes at key points of the game and sometimes even changes the graphic style to a sort of comic book style, which was very nice to see and really gave the game that much more polish as well as showing the effort that went into the game's graphics.

The story itself really drew me into the game and really made me want to keep playing. It is a good idea to watch the intro before you start playing, as it will give you even more details about the story of the brothers. Some of the background information is helpful, as really it gives you a better idea of what to expect, as well. Once I started to play, just the different events I faced and the different scenarios that I soon had to deal with really made the game experience that much more enjoyable.

It really was hard to find some negatives with the game, there is the odd bug you may run into here and there and the occasional odd graphic glitches I encountered in the game but that may just be on my system. Also, there really isn't a ton of music and some of it isn't the greatest, but these are really only minor concerns.

If you are looking for a lengthy adventure title, that really has had a lot of effort put into development, look no farther than Prodigal, a worthy adventure game that you should definitely check out.

Review by: DeathDude (Fawfulhasfury for screens)

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45,8 MB
Multiplayer modes:
Age rating:
Blood and gruesome scenes
Safe for ages: 15+
Windows, 1.4 GHZ or faster CPU for running in 320x240 resolution. Latest version of Direct X strongly recommended.

2.0 GHZ and 512 MB RAM recommended for running the game in 640x480 resolution for high-res special effects.

Wide screen monitor supported.
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