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Nice platform game
Decent music
High Difficulty
No save feature
Must restart level after death

Ah, now this game brought back memories for me, mind you they were the type of gameplay elements that I thought I would not see again for a long time. Nevertheless it was some good nostalgia to see them again, and refreshing to see them in a platform game, as you take on the role of our (going to guess) caveman hero as he travels across different worlds. Each with new challenges, and new enemies. Where speeding through a level is not always the best strategy, no, you have to think clearly before you jump and try to navigate the next section of that level. Read on to see what I mean.

Okay, well story wise there is not much of one; the confusing intro and the beginning of the game do not help matters. We see some sort of beam pick up our caveman hero and then he disappears, thus starts the level loading screen and then the level starts, so at the start you're probably going to be saying â??what'? Nevertheless, so starts this game, where you try to get to the end of each level so you can make it to the end. It is not the hardest premise to follow and at least it means you will get started on the task right away. Simple controls are used for the game: move with direction keys and jump with control or enter key on your enemies' heads. Yup, good â??ol head stomping action is back.

Graphic wise the game shows age; this title was made in 1995 so that is no wonder, but actually, the graphics are not too bad. They look nice with the style that was developed, and they look polished so although they are not fancy by today's standards, they convey the game's intent nicely. The music that plays from level to level is nice as well, which does not interfere and does not stand out, yet is a nice mix to listen to as you play.

Now because of some of the old gameplay elements I mentioned earlier this game is classic old school platform, meaning if you die midway through a level, have fun starting from the beginning as there is no save feature. Same if you die on part 2 of world 1, you have to start at the beginning. One of the most frustrating elements from old platform games, but it also can be a motivating factor for you not to die; knowing you will have to start over again. So this causes you to really think about your actions, really think because one misstep and you may have to restart the level.

Yet, this was a fun title that should give you some amusement if you want to relive the old platform days, with that one chance you have in a level. If you do, or you are looking for a platform game, check out Perfect Worlds, a worthy play.

Review by: DeathDude

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