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Online multiplayer
Fun 2D game
Easy to learn
Map editing bug

As many people may know, paintball, is not free. Far from it.. But alas, FREE PAINTBALL! I'm not talking about some Xbox game that you're gonna have to go out and pay 50 bucks for but the one and only Paint Ball 3 Extreme! The first two Paint Ball games were unreleased by Commando Zoop, runner of and the one man crew to making Paint Ball 3 Extreme. Enough history on the game, let's talk about it already.

You start off as a beginner in the sport of paintball with only a pump pistol. (Aka, pathetic) I recommend playing the traditional one shot frag mode until you get some credits to buy yourself a nice paintball gun. Once you're at that point, have fun! Play any mode, except runaway, save that for when you have an automatic gun. In the elimination mode you can sustain multiple paintball's. How many is determined by your health meter's maximum and current level. You can also heal yourself in elimination once you buy some form of medical equipment. In team elimination you play elimination but with teams, there are the traditional red and blue teams, but you can specify a different team to join. One of my personal favorites is the one shot frag mode. It's traditional paintball, one hit, your out. But don't worry, wait about half a second and you can respawn. In the realistic mode, you play the traditional one hit, your out, but you aren't able to use your MOD's. Read on and I'll explain what it is. In the runaway mode you run from a monster named Ping. He chases you and once he gets to you, "Yum, human!". So you don't want to get near him. The only way to keep him from getting you is to shoot him.(Or spend 250,000 credits on a motorcyle :)    ) That's it for the modes, onto the features!

The stat system is a great addition to the game. You're able to submit your stats to an online table which will compare you to everyone else. The stat system is used to keep track of your maximum health(useful only in elimination and team elimination games), your awareness, your reloading speed, and your accuracy. Your awareness will go up with time, I have yet to determine it's point but you can reach the maximum 100 rather fast. Your health will go up as you are shot, cruel, yet understandable. The more you're shot, the faster it will level, but as you can tell, you won't reach the maximum too quickly :P. Your accuracy will level in relation to how much you shoot, the higher your accuracy, the more accurate your shots are. The weapon you're using also affect your accuracy. And last, your reloading speed, reloading your paintball gun and picking up paintballs from the paintball crates on the field both will raise your reloading speed. The amount of paintballs you can hold is determined by what kind of pack or tubes you have. You will start off with a small tube to get you started.

The shop! As with any sport, you have to buy your own equipment. Besides your starting equipment, you buy all of your equipment. As you first start the game you won't receive credits too fast. Once you've been playing for a while you'll get credits easily. The amount of credits you get from eliminating an opponent is determined by the difficulty you're playing, and how many times previously you've eliminated that opponent. So you might want to start up a new game every once in a while. You can access the shop when you're eliminated by clicking the "Visit Store" button at the top left. Or you can goto a shop while your alive by walking into the tile that looks like a building. While you're in the shop you can buy new paintball guns, medical equipment to heal yourself with, armor to protect yourself(duh), paintballs or paintbullets, paint grenades, smoke grenades, flash bangs, emp grenades, paint mines, and new packs or tubes to hold your ammo. One type of paintball gun you can buy is a MOD. I still don't know what it stands for :) but i do know that you get to make your own weapon :). Whether it be an automatic shotgun, or a pump sniper rifle, you can make it. And alternative to paintballs is paintbullets, you can only buy the magazine's for a paintbullet gun. But it's well worth it. There are many options in making a MOD which I won't go into detail but you can see what everything does by watching the right side of the MOD making window. Enough shopping for ya?

The graphics. Not too detailed but hey, it's still great. The maps are actually made up of tiles which can be noticed in some areas, but not in others. The tiles are rather... bright. No dark environment stuff. Your character is the size of a tile and will turn in relation to where you are aiming(where you have your cursor, it shows a crosshair instead of your cursor though.).

And finally, the sound! While the game doesn't have horrible music, neither does it have great music. In fact, it doesn't have any! It comes with an option to play soundtracks off your hardrive. You can create a playlist using it so nobody can complain about the music other than the fact that you have to pick what you want to listen to. It will save it until you clear or change it so it's not that bad. The actual sounds in game are good. Different guns have slightly to moderately different sounds. You can tell when someone is using a pump gun or an automatic, other than watching their paintballs. Also, when you get hit, you hear it! No footstep sounds in this though...

Strong points:
- You can play online with up to 7 other people.
- It is a 2D game, but still amazingly fun!
- It's paintball!
- Easy to use map editor.
- Camo suits for the stealthy people out there.

Weak points:
-It's a 2D game.(Wait until PB4 comes out, it's going to be 3D)
- When your editing a map, don't try to place a tile on a point where there is no tile or the game will crash. Save often because it happens accidently to me a lot.
- Can't think of anything else :)


In order to fully play this game, you need to follow this link. Otherwise the game is in many ways unplayable!

Review by: RyGuy

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