One Must Fall: 2097 One Must Fall: 2097
Made by: Epic Games
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Mod-able robots
High fun factor
The money factor
Buying a new robot

One must fall is a classic example of the mid-nineties beat'em up! Its simple, fast paced and addictive. With one exception though, this one actually has some kind of plot, and a pretty detailed and interesting championship mode.

Let's cover the actual plot. However weak it is, its still there so it can't be neglected! The year is, obviously, 2097 and the world is ruled by a big corporation called WAR (The World Aeronautics and Robotics Corp.). The humans have just started colonising a new moon called Ganymede, and WAR is organising arena combats of giant 90-foot robots which are controlled by humans. Whoever defeats all other contenders will become the ruler of Ganymede!

There are 11 robots to choose from. Each one has a predefined set of standard kicks and punches, and 3 unique moves. More than enough to keep you entertained. You will start the game with a pretty weak robot, and will have to improve its capabilities, as well as your character's attributes such as speed, strength and stamina. The money will come from beating your opponents. When you collect enough, you will be able to buy better and more advanced robots. You will have to choose wisely between buying upgrades for your robot, or training for yourself because you will loose robot upgrades as you buy new robots.

There are various tournaments to enrol to, and you will get opponents of different difficulty on each one. There are 5 maps in total, and the novelty in them is the fact that they are interactive. On some maps, fighter pilots will come storming down the skies and emptying their bullet rounds on you, whereas on others, giant spikes will come out of walls and knock you to ground. This also makes the game more challenging and interesting. Throughout the championship, you will encounter unique opponents, and learn unique special moves and robots that can't be found in the single player mode. Of course, the championship mode can be saved.

The graphic aspect of the game is very important as well. The animation is very smooth, and each robot is drawn with an incredible attention to detail. The maps are also drawn very nicely and suit the atmosphere like they are supposed to. The music is very catchy and inspiring. It enhances the gameplay even further. As for the sound effects, they are nothing special. Just a lot of bangs and clangs.

Overall OMF succeeds extremely well in what it was designed for - its a very addictive, interesting and easy to learn. Nonetheless, because of all the extras and secrets, it will keep you busy for much longer than you might think. A definite must for every fan of the genre!

Review by: Kosta

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