Norman Cook in Search For The Don Norman Cook in Search For The Don
Made by: Danny (aka Wizkid)
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Nice visuals
2 different endings
Not really much of a story
Game ends too soon

Well here you are in your office it's raining and you look outside, it's just that kind of day. Welcome to the world of Norman Cook's In Search for the Don. You play the role of Private Investigator Norman as you progress through the world, exploring what it has to offer. He doesn't look like your typical hero in an adventure game, but you'll soon see what skills he has to offer. Essentially the game starts off quietly enough, you've just come into your office, and it's a rainy night, yeah how exciting huh, a note soon appears from your friend Baldie, telling you to meet him at the park and then it goes from there.

Game play in this game is typical point and click with all the assorted options that you come to expect in an adventure game. Graphics in the game are done very well, with a nice different looking feeling than you might expect once you see this game in action; it really creates a good mood for the game as you progress through it. There's not really a whole lot of sound used in the game either than the soft music and the occasional sound effects that you'll hear, not really a whole lot but that's alright as it doesn't distract from the game experience.

As for some of the downsides in the game, it  is a very short game overall. Once you start playing it and by the time you get to the end, you might feel a little shocked to see that's it all over and done with, it just ends way too soon. As well in terms of an actual story, well there really is not much of it to begin with once you start.  As you progress, it does go from there and it leads you on a sort of adventure across the city and such, but still it is fairly limited in the areas you play in and where you can explore.

Overall though, this is a fun adventure game that should amuse you adventure fans out there, with it's puzzles and such that this game offers. This is a very interesting title and you should definitely give it a look, Norman Cook In "Search for the Don" so check it out and experience it.

Review by: DeathDude

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