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Made by: Realtech VR
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Good graphics and music
Way too easy
Poor translation
No adequate story

No Gravity is a first person spaceflight simulator set in some galaxy in the year 8002.  The KROSSO Empire is currently plagued by a mind controlling disease that somehow requires you to fly around and shoot down enemy ships.  You are assigned missions that involve clearing sectors and jumping to other sectors; often your missions see you flying through two or three sectors, but some have even more (though many of the sectors may already be cleared).

In No Gravity, you are given a short blurb before each mission that vaguely describes what you're supposed to be doing.  It doesn't really matter what the briefing says anyway, since you pretty much have to shoot down every enemy craft to be granted clearence to the next sector.  You are usually pitted against enemy fighters, mines, turrets attached to asteroids, or heavily armed capital ships; your allies usually fly in fighters or unarmed capital ships.  No Gravity isn't a difficult game to learn, and the missions are just as easy.  In fact, that last sentence was more difficult to type than the first campaign on the most difficult mode.

There's nothing new or innovative to the gameplay of No Gravity.  You can choose one of a few types of ships to fly in, and you have a number of laser weapons and missiles.  Targeting enemies is done by hitting one with a weapon, preferably a laser; once an enemy is targeted, you can lock on to it with a torpedo or missile, both of which are best spent on capital ships.  To jump to another sector, you have to fly to a jump beacon and activate the auto pilot.  Pressing Tab will give you a short boost of speed, and you can also fire retro-rockets, though they really aren't needed.

The graphics in No Gravity are pretty good.  When you damage an enemy enough, smoke comes out from behind it.  Explosions are also very well executed, especially when a capital ship or space station of some sort is destroyed.  Unlike other spaceflight sims, they don't just explode in a fireball; instead they break apart and are destroyed by a number of large and small explosions.  Your ship may take damage from an explosion, so it may be wise to keep your distance when it happens.

The text in No Gravity can be set to different languages, including French, German, and Spanish.  The English mode is made up of poorly translated text; for example, the message "friendly fire" does not necessarily mean you shot a friendly ship, but rather a friendly ship is taking fire from an enemy.  The music and sounds are pretty good, the former appearing to be House music.

Review by: Triton

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28,2 MB
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Safe for all ages
35 MB hard drive space
Windows 98/2000/ME/XP, Linux, or Mac OS X (2001 or later)
Directx v8.0
Joystick recommended
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