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Fifty levels
Different challenges
Ability to import custom level

The way of the ninja has always been admired. From the acrobatic moves, to the ninja moves in combat, to the always-inevitable battle between who is better, a pirate or a ninja.  Making a game with a ninja is always a good idea. Well how about a ninja that has his own ninja rope, a machine gun and has the ability to go into slow motion whenever he wishes. That is the premise of this game as you guide your ninja across fifty different levels, with varying challenges that will challenge all your skills. Some levels, you might have to use your ninja rope to navigate the difficult passages, others you may only have the ability to use slow motion.  There are unique and different challenges all throughout the many levels. All around, Ninjah provides an increasingly difficult challenge that will test even the most seasoned puzzle veterans.

There is no real story to talk about in Ninjah, which is all right, since it is a changing puzzle game. You can change your controls in the option menu.  There are not too many to remember - the directional keys, the ninja rope, machine gun and slow motion.  Remember these and choose wisely, as sometimes you will have to use all the skills for some of the challenges. One of the more prominent examples of the challenges that is quite important to note, is one involving different coloured platforms. When you begin one of these levels, your ninja will be a certain colour.  If he touches a different coloured platform than his own, then he will die. There is a way that you can change the colour of your ninja simply by touching or swinging your way to a checkered colour platform, which will then change your ninja to that colour and allow you to navigate along that particular coloured path.

The challenges in the game start out easy enough, but soon they grow more challenging, and most will involve more moves being executed in order to reach the end of the stage. When you reach the end of each stage, there is a little black and white endpoint that will end the stage.  For the early stages, you merely have to get to the end as fast as you can. In later stages, you will have to collect all the coins in the level, before the endpoint will be displayed more prominently, instead of being hidden. Your other objective in these stages is to get through them as fast as you can.  For some, it is not always easy to do so, but that is the extra challenge thrown in to see how fast you can make it through, and then try to beat your time. There is an infinite time limit and you have infinite tries for each level, so if you mess up, you will be able to try again from the start.

The game looks quite nice overall. Nothing-super fancy, but the graphics do the job nicely in the game. Your ninja is quite small in comparison to the size of some of the levels, but the movements and grace that you can accomplish look good all around, which just adds to the game. Some of the levels are quite large in size, while others are small, but each provides their own unique set of challenges to beat.

The great thing to see with this game, as has been mentioned before, is the numerous challenges you will come across in the game. There is not just one type of challenge throughout the fifty levels, but many different challenges and different conditions that might have to be met during a level. Sometimes you might just have to run through the level quickly.  Others, you may have to collect coins.  Others still, you may have to reach the goal of the stage using only your ninja machine gun.  Although some challenges are used more often than others, the fact that there is variety is a big plus to see in the game.

You also have the ability to import your own custom levels into the game and download more levels from the homepage of Ninja, there are a fair number of them available for download already, in case you manage to get past the fifty levels, and are yearning for more challenges.

Ninja offers a bit of everything for the gamer, some action, some puzzling situations, and any ninja that can manipulate time to go into slow motion is a big plus in my book. All around, there is lots to see and challenge your gaming skills.  So look no further than Ninjah, and see it in action for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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