New Satan Sam, The New Satan Sam, The
Made by: Satan Sam
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Great presentation
Fun platform game
Thinking sorts of scenarios
Difficulty a bit high

Ah now this is an interesting and charming title. It talks about the story of a great empire that has gone forth across the land and it’s up to our hero Sam to get through the many different levels and enemies that lie in his path. However Sam isn’t going to just be stomping on enemies head’s in this platform title. No he’s got his own psychic weaponry to use as well he will soon find a sword to aid him in his journey. A lot lies in store for you gamers in this title.

The story is simple enough as described in the last paragraph. But really as the game starts off, there is little mention of the story. The main goal through your journey across the land is to clear each stage, which usually is comprised of 4 scenes and that’s it, clear each scene by defeating all the enemies and then proceed through the portal to the next scene and keep going. Along the way you will collect different weapons and learn new moves, it makes for a more varied experience.

Presentation wise from graphics to the way everything is organized it all looks to be done with a great deal of effort and really the game looks quite polished, from the cartoon style that is used from the beginning stages to the later stages, it all flows together nicely. The platform element is evident in the game right away, as you try to navigate the bottomless pits, and try to defeat the enemies that get in your path. The game may remind you of Kirby but with an edge. As well, the different scenes each require a bit of thinking. Jumping in and trying to fight off the enemies isn’t always the smartest strategy and sometimes you just got to stop and think how you will approach the situation, very nice and different to see.

As a result of the thinking element in the game, this presents a high difficulty, especially as you go further into the game and encounter different enemies and they become more numerous. Still this was a very fun game to play and definitely is a bit different from the other types of games that are out there, give it a play, it’s called The New Satan Sam, check it out.

Review by: DeathDude

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