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Gets repetitive

The idea is very simple - to move or swap places of different color pieces on hexagonal table to create large enough connections of same color, which then disappear. Pieces will fall if there is no piece below them. Swapping is possible only if this creates a large enough connection. Moving is always possible, but only one hex away. The less pieces there are, the less pieces need to be connected. The more you connect, the more points you get. At an increasing rate, new layers of pieces will fall from the top, so speed is of essence. You can also summon these new pieces by pressing the "More" button in upper right corner. After clearing the table, you get a bonus and move to next level. If there is any piece in the top hex position when new pieces are summoned, the game ends.

The graphics are excellent, while the music mostly annoying and repetitive, but removing the "backmusic" file from "sounds" folder disables it. The sound effects serve their purpose, though game actually wouldn't need them. Overall, this game is extremely well made, and hasn't crashed a single time. Even though the idea is very simple, it takes time, control of the mouse and perception to really master it. The only negative side of gameplay I've noticed is that sometimes it may be tricky to swap or move pieces right after previous pieces have been blown away. But this takes place only in most hectic moments in later levels, when new layers come very fast.

There are five difficulty levels, from Silver Spoon (easiest) to No Spoon (hardest). I strongly recommend forgetting Silver Spoon, because it lengthens the game too much. In every difficulty level, it's always easiest to get high ascore by finding a good level and not clearing the table for as long as possible. This of course, when poorly handled, creates a risk of causing the game to end.Strangely you don't get more points per level from removing pieces, so you can rope dance in one level theoretically forever, and get higher and higher points. Though the bonus you get from completing a level gets higher and higher, and after a while those points you get from removing pieces become less significant.

Overall I found this addictive game - even though I don't like this genre overall  and I'd rate it 4. Have fun with it!

Review by: Juni Ori

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