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Great random generator
Deep dungeon hack
Witty and clever writing
Little to no graphics
Very, very hard
No sound

Who doesn't know Nethack? It's a Roguetype RPG where little letters duke it out through a long and complex maze of more numbers and letters. Not only is it a great and fun RPG, but it's also the best size to fun ratio of downloadable gaming I have ever met. It has countless iterations out in the world, so if you don't like the lack of graphics or sound, there's still hope.

Well, to say a lack of graphics is pretty harsh. There are two modes, the numbers and letters and symbols beauty of old, and there's the graphical interface, where there are small icons instead. Using both interchangebly actually changes the game a small bit (and the text mode is kind of funny). There are a whole lot of re-skins and graphical interfaces for the game anyway, such as Vulture's Eye. Although there is no music, again it's just another thing that mkaes it that much smaller as a download. So there's no reason to not have this game on your hard drive in some iteration, muich less this simple, efficient one here.

So the real meat of the game is in the gameplay, obviously. Nethack is by far the very best dungeon hack game ever, if you take aside newer 3D graphics and plotlines. It's a randomly generated dungeon maker (which is extremely advanced and makes the game a joy toreplay) that has so many numbers to manage that any RPG junkie will have his head swimming in numbers...if they want to. You can also play it without all that stuff and just try to figure out how to get through the amazingly difficult dungeon. Some gamers call Nethack one of the hardest games ever made; many fans have never beaten it. It could take a newbietwo hours hour and seven dead characters before they even get to the third level. It takes patience to see the art in Nethack.

But that's the fun of the game. It's deep and it's tough as nails, and it's to the point that if your computer can't run this game, it probably can't turn on. It's one of the most popular Rogue games for a very good reason: it's a battle of wits and determination. Oh, and it's a very clever game as well. Some of the writing and messages that have been programmed into the lines are just insane, and while thay can make a player go crazy, they're horribly entertaining. Say you're pushing a boulder up the stairs; if your stats are too low (or you're just unlucky) the game will inform you that the boulder fell backwards and killed you--in its snarky way.

So what separates this game from other very good Rogues like ADOM  Not a whole lot, addmittently,just a few changes and swaps with the combat system and setting. The dungeon area is easy to portray in the text, witten and in the game, and if you're craving for a good dungeon hack but want something a little more complex than Diablo, this is your game. It will take you forever to beat, and by that time you'll just want to post your highscore and do it all over again.

Flat line: People who likes RPG's have this on their computer. It's a classic. This game gets a 4.4,due to lack of presentation, but in the end it doesn't even matter. Now if you excuse me, I have a goblin to kill...

Ah, I died again. Oh, well, I'll just do it again!

Review by: Iendicis

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