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Interesting look
Bust a Move game play
No music
Same types of backgrounds

It would seem that one of the most popular conversions on the freeware side of puzzle games would have to be Bust a Move creations. Most are usually quite different from the original in terms of the characters used, backgrounds, and whatnot.  But the whole style of linking up to three balls on screen and creating combos to take multiple balls out in the process is still present. In Net-Bubble, this is also the case, where you have a solid bust a move styled game, which has its own unique look.  Multiplayer, hot seat, LAN, or even internet, options are available to challenge your friends.  This is a fair overall game that does the job of mimicking the original which has spun off much more titles.

The controls in the game are as follows - you move with the arrow keys and you launch your ball with the space bar. The object of the game is to link three of the same coloured balls together. If you manage to do so, any balls underneath a particular colour will also be removed from the screen. You have different modes available to you.  If you wish to proceed into “classic adventure” mode, where you proceed through each level, continuing with harder and harder challenges, you can do so. If you wish to challenge a computer opponent to a match, you can also do so.  You can even watch a match between two computer opponents. Otherwise, challenge a friend on the same computer, or even on the net should you wish.  There are fair amounts of different ways to play this game, against the computer and against a friend.

The Bust a Move style game play is very solid, and is quite accurate as balls bounce off the screen to get to their mark. You have to plan your shots in the later stages, as even the slightest miscue may mess up your rhythm of taking out a particular ball set. It can definitely turn into a game of having to strategize each shot; the only issue though is if you do not make a shot in a certain time limit, the computer will automatically shoot the ball for you. This was quite annoying, meaning you have to think fast in some cases. Still, it does add to the hectic pace of the game at times.  The screen will begin to scroll slowly down as more and more balls are left in the field, just adding to the pace of the game.

The game itself has a nice look overall, with the cartoonish backgrounds and the little alien character that watches the action unfold, all the while doing little things that may distract you.  But it is amusing to see. The fact that you can play with a friend on the same computer, or on the internet, also extends the game’s replay value.

Still, there were some minor concerns with the game. Having no music was a not a big deal, but I had hoped to hear some tunes, like some of these style games do have. However, it was not a big deal, and you can just use your own tunes instead. As well as that, the same sorts of backgrounds are used for the entire game, it would have been nice if there had been some variety.

Nevertheless, this was an enjoyable game and I do recommend it, if you are a fan of this style of game play, so check out Net-Bubble and see it for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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