Neo Sonic Universe Neo Sonic Universe
Made by: Alexander Martins
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Classic Sonic game play
Great music
Play as 5 different characters
Annoying bugs
Repetitive after awhile

If you're like me and remember the classic sonic games from the Sega Genesis and wanting to relive those glory days back when the sonic games were fun and challenging, look no further than this fan made game in Neo Sonic Universe. You take on the role of Sonic as you go forth to face the many enemies you come across to find and rescue your friends. Good graphics, good game play and the old style from the genesis sonic games are all present in this game, so if you're a fan of that kind of sonic game play this should give you a treat.

In the game you play in the beginning as Sonic, as you soon discover that your friends Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow have all been kidnapped by a mysterious enemy, so Sonic goes forth to save them all. Yes a common story that has been played out countless times, but the sonic games haven't always been known for their deep story lines, but for the action and speed. This game actually borrows more from the style of the recent game boy advance games, in graphics style and animations too, but still it's classic Sonic like it's meant to be.

Graphics in the game are done nicely, the worlds are bright with colors and the environment look really well done as you move from area to area, each one is different as you explore the worlds. The characters themselves also look good, each one with their own unique look and own animations as you play through the game. The music as well is done with a nicely up beat and good style, it certainly made the game fun to play and get through, it will loop eventually but still you hear enough of the track for it to not get annoying.

The game also comes with a 1 vs. 1 fighting mode, where you can use the characters you've saved in the story mode and battle them out to see who is the champion. So fun feature you can play with after you have beaten the game. Which brings me to some of the more annoying bugs in the game, now this bug is one of the really annoying ones that really I wish was fixed. Occasionally I've noticed if you hit a wall in one of the worlds, your character will get stuck, and I mean stuck so you can't get free of the wall, like your super glued to it or something. With Sonic who can use one of his moves to bounce off, no worries, with your other characters though, ha ha nope your stuck. Had to restart the level, happened to me a few times and it can get annoying when you get so far in a level and that happens. Also once you've beaten the game you have to beat it again with the unlocked character you received so at first it would be Tails to get Knuckles, and you have to do this 3 more times in this example so it may get repetitive for some people.

Still though, this game still is a very well put together game, that if you're a sonic fan you shall enjoy this game very much like I did. So do yourself a favor, grab yourself a copy of this game, and relive the glory days of Sonic one more time.

Review by: DeathDude

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