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Made by: Marco Incitti
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Simple, retro fun
Includes an editor
Great for developers
Slow player movement
Some error messages

I will bet that mostly everyone reading this review has played some sort of Pacman game. It could have been the original, or even a remake. The concept is simple. Eat all the pellets, and stay clear of the ghosts. Pick up a power pellet, and then you can devour those ghostly sprites.

Ms Blitzman adds a twist into that format, in the form of "zoom". By holding down the space bar, you can give a much needed boost to Ms Blitzman's speed. A bar at the top of the screen tells you how much zoom power you have left. That bar will refill everytime you collect a piece of fruit.

The game also has a level selector, and a skill level set. Overall Ms Blitzman has a few levels, but this is not the original game. So don't expect the usual 100+ levels.

Where Ms Blitzman does shine however, is in it's editor and open source nature. The game comes with an editor that allows you to edit the maps (levels). And since Ms Blitzman itself is built in Blitz Basic, you can easily edit the source code using a standard text editor. You would need to rebuild the .bb file however. So some tech know-how would be needed.

As for errors, some users report getting the "Unable to set graphics mode" error. On Windows Vista, that game tends to not run after this message. But on Windows 7, the error is ignored. This isn't a huge issue. Other than that, the game runs smooth.

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Overall Ms Blitzman is a great remake (clone) of Ms Pacman. It can provide a few good hours of retro gaming, but it's also a great development tool. If your looking to make your own Pacman game, Ms Blitzman could turn out to be pretty helpful. Give it a play.

Review by: Nick

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