Mr Pratt 2 Mr Pratt 2
Made by: Bouncing Fox Productions
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Changing levels
Some thinking puzzles
Great music
Similar looking areas
Repetitive nature

It seems that wherever there is a spooky dark mansion, there is usually trouble afoot. This being the case with this game, our hero Mr. Pratt has to deal with zombies, evil bats, spiders and more in his mansion, which have returned for revenge or something along those lines. Innovative ideas for each of the rooms that you explore, involving puzzles that will make you think before you act, and great suspenseful music all combine to set the stage for Mr. Pratt 2.

When a legion of horrid monsters decide to invade the mansion of retired chemistry professor Mr. Pratt, he knows he must defeat them in the art of combat. He sets out to defeat the monsters that have invaded, and bring peace and tranquility to the world again, as well as the grand mansion that he managed to earn on a teacher's salary.

The controls are simple. Move with the left and right arrow keys, jump with the up arrow key and shoot with the space bar. To begin blasting away, you must to first collect a weapon in each room. The objective is to clear every room of all the monsters, and once you do so you can move onto the next one. Graphically the game looks nice overall. Most of the environments do look the same in terms of the colours used, but the general atmosphere of a dark and spooky mansion is shown very well. The challenges in each room are quite varied, and they get progressively harder as you proceed further into the mansion. Conserving ammo is especially important in some areas, while avoiding enemies to get your weapon can be important in other levels, too.

The music fits the mood of the game superbly. It is somewhat dark and suspenseful, and added to the whole gloominess while traveling through the mansion. The sound effects are decent as well; there is no cheesiness, and they fit the actions nicely.

The only problem with all the exploration is that it becomes repetitive after a while. Clearing each room will take some time and there are many to explore, but eventually doing the same thing, even with varied room mechanics, enemy placement, and platforms takes its toll. It also would have been nice if there were some more variety to the mansion itself. The dark colors are good and all but even some bright rooms would not have been bad.

Overall, this was a pretty good game. If you're looking for a platform game to try out, give Mr. Pratt 2 a try and see for yourself.

Review by: Deathdude

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