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Good for a laugh
Likeable main character
Slow and boring
Annoying music

You control the titular Mr. Pratt, a chemistry teacher who awakes to find his mansion infested by all kinds of supernatural monsters. Grabbing his trusty shotgun, Mr. Pratt sets off to rid his home of the undead menace... with an awesome premise like this, you might think this game would be a guaranteed winner. Think again. Somehow Bouncing Fox have managed to turn it into yet another ho-hum platform game. I'd put money on there being a real life chemistry teacher named Mr. Pratt who taught the worthies at Bouncing Fox in high school. I'll also concede that, if you know the real life Mr. Pratt, this game will probably provide hours of thigh-slapping mirth. For the rest of us, it's good for five minutes or so of zombie-blasting fun but quickly becomes tedious.

You will encounter several different kinds of monster in your adventure, and you have to destroy them all. Different types of enemy can be killed in different ways, so you will need to modify your approach to each one. For instance, there are vampire bats that constantly fly back and forth on a swooping arc. These can only be killed with the shotgun. Zombies on the other hand are invulnerable to shotgun blasts, but get knocked back by them- so you will have to knock them into pits or onto spikes. There are also red blobs of goo that will eat you if you get too close, and you'll have to find even more imaginative ways of disposing of those.

The variety of monsters gives this game the potential for some good puzzles and there are in fact a few areas that have been really well thought out. There's also quite a few places with loads of enemies for those who like a bit of mindless monster blasting. But the trouble is that the clever puzzles are too few and far between, and the firefights are tedious rather than fun and satisfying- being mostly huge swarms of bats which are small and fast, and hitting them is more a matter of luck than skill. To make matters worse, Mr. Pratt moves too slowly and his shotgun reloads too slowly for battles to be any fun.

The graphics are more than adequate for this game. Mr. Pratt and his amusing facial expressions come across really well. There's a bit of a discrepancy between the cartoonish zombies, blobs and Mr. Pratt, the more realistic backgrounds and the really awesomely creepy 3D rendered spiders which you'd expect to be a bit distracting, but it actually looks quite good and gives the game a suitably dark atmosphere. The music sounds good the first time you hear it, and it fits the mood of the game perfectly.  But there's only one short track and by the time you've heard it twenty times you're thoroughly sick of it. Even one more tune to break it up a bit would have made all the difference.

All in all, Mister Pratt is a passble but unremarkable platform game. It has its moments, but there's not enough of them to make it a must-have.

Review by: Nexus

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