Monty on the Run Monty on the Run
Made by: Space-Time Games
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Nice presentation
Good looking graphics
Alright music
Very hard difficulty
Monty\'s scream when he dies

Well what do you get when you have a mole, which seems to want to explore a house, filled with danger and obstacles and other hazardous things? You have the formula of Monty on the Run, in this title as you navigate the household trying to avoid all the dangers that this mole, that somehow can stand and jump around easily. As he makes his way through this house to the end of it all.

Enter the role of Monty the mole, your goal is simple enough, navigate through the household of doom, and avoid the danger along the way. Course since you are a platform character you have the ability to jump and even Monty does somersaults in air! No way. Well anyway, using your jumping strength, you have to avoid the dangers that lurk in this house. From weird shaped household items, to even things that like crushers, you have to tread carefully in this house.

Presentation in this title is done nicely, from the menus, which are simple to navigate; effort has been placed in every effort of the game. From the graphics, which are nicely detailed, although a bit of length can be seen and this really is not a problem but just minors detail that I found in game. Music as well was done nicely, kind of upbeat, and happy just what you expect from a platform game, so that point was done on par.

This title though suffers one thing that may have you wondering why it happens and it is the hard difficulty. I do not mean just hard, I mean like really hard. The difficulty is high up and one mistake and you die, you got five lives but these can go away quickly with one mistimed jump. As well, the one quirk about the game that really annoyed me was Monty's scream when he dies. Now when you hear it for the first time it may shock you, it did it to me cause I was not expecting it. It sounds like Monty's being hacked to death with a knife or something, nice overacting Monty. ;) As well Monty's movement when he jumps is hard to control at first and takes a bit of time to get used to, because of the touchiness of Monty as he moves in the air.

If you can overlook the high difficulty it is an amusing game to play and should challenge your gaming skills are you navigate each different section of the house, check out Monty on the Run if you dare.

Review by: DeathDude

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Windows (May require DOSBox for Win XP users)
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