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Plenty of action
Great music
Interesting levels
Hard difficulty
Only have 3 lives

Sometimes game developers draw on inspiration from games of the past.  There is one title though that has entertained gamers for quite some time. The Mega Man series, which made its start on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987, is still going strong to this very day. This is the inspiration drawn in this game, where we see a robotic warrior arising to defeat the evil that of course has to be evident in a game with robots, weapons and much more. You get plenty of action, different weapons to find and use on your enemies. Some great tunes and a faithful representation of the Mega Man games from the past, which is where this game got a lot of its inspiration.

The story is really drawn out and pretty detailed so think would be best if you see it for yourself because really it may take awhile to describe most of it. The jest of it though is an evil individual has made some omnibots, which are also, evil and causing havoc. Therefore, it is up to one of the original bots created by humans called MegaBot to finish off these enemies and bring peace again to the systems.

Graphically the game looks very impressive. The different environments and different places you visit are all looking very nicely done. Each level is different, from the forests, to the mines, to even a raining area, each one has it is own unique qualities about it and really they all look very nice all around. There is plenty of action when you get started, as many different types of bots will try to blast you down, however as MegaBot you can easily destroy them. Either by firing your blasters, or by activating your hover jets to avoid the danger, you can approach each situation differently. Beware though, you have weak armor at the beginning so running into enemies which may happen is not the best solution. The tunes that are used are also very nice to hear, although some are borrowed from the Mega Man series but that's alright since it shows a tribute of sorts to the Mega Man games.

With so much to explore to see and experience, really feel like there is a lot to discover and there is. Each level is divided into different parts before you encounter the end boss for that level. Pass them all and the great thing, after every level your progress is saved and you can pick which level you may want to do. Choice is always good especially in games.
This game really excels in the areas mentioned, but really, it brings a really high difficulty. It may take you a few runs to get used to the controls and enemies and this is not for the faint of heart or causal gamer. If your willing to put a lot of effort into the game you will get far but it will not be easy so be prepared. Add only 3 lives you have and the ease of getting destroyed quickly makes this game pretty challenging.

Still this was an enjoyable game and really paid its tribute to Mega Man and did it most excellently. So if you are a fan of Mega Man or looking for something similar game play wise, look no farther than MegaBot and see for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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Safe for all ages
Windows 98/2000/NT/XP
10MB of free memory
600Mhz Pentium III or higher
128MB RAM or higher
DirectX 6.0 or higher (important)
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