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Faithful port of arcade game
Many characters
Quite a few different modes
Keyboard reaction to move sets

What we have here is a case when things go strange in the Marvel universe. For some reason or another, or just to display their obvious superpowers and whatnot the marvel heroes and villains decide they are going to fight each other. Now why they are doing so? I have no idea, obviously they have too much time on their hands if they are doing something like this. Nevertheless by battling each other they somehow will become the champion of all the heroes and get all the glory and praise and everything else that goes along with that. In Marvel Super Heroes, which is a close port from the arcade game with some new additions character wise and such, you get a fighting game that has all that action you remember if you have played the original game. Even if you have not you still get a very interesting game with your favorite Marvel heroes or villains to play as or against. With many different characters and quite a few modes there is quite a bit to see in this game.

There really was not much of a story for this game, as far as I can remember from back when the arcade version came out, but all you really need to know is that these Marvel characters are fighting against each other and you pick whichever character you wish to be. Battle against your many opponents and then you will challenge some of the top Marvel villains.

Graphically the game looks pretty much like the arcade version. Everything from the characters to the different stages themselves is pretty much a faithful representation of the original. There were a couple of graphical hiccups with some characters when using different costumes though, but that could have just been a problem with my video card. There are many different Marvel characters you can choose to play in this game: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, Juggernaut, Hulk, Dr. Doom and so on. There is quite the variety and even some new additions to the original game that were never included initially but added in subsequent games like the Capcom Vs. SNK series for example. Therefore, it’s good to see quite a bit of variety and if you remember some of the characters moves from the arcade game, you will be set.

There are also different modes that you will be able to try by yourself or with a friend, like single matches or even team matches, where you can have 2 characters fighting against another 2 characters. It was good to see different modes being included besides the normal story mode and vs. modes.

It is unfortunate that there is no music in the game as this is a key aspect in this type of game. Since for fighting games the music is one of the key elements, without music it just seems a bit empty I think. Also, the keyboard reaction speed to different moves being inputted is not that great compared to having a game controller, which is what the game was really designed to be played with. It still works fine with a keyboard but sometimes I find that doing certain moves just does not cut it on the keyboard that well.

Nevertheless, this is a fun game to try out, and it’s good to see that it kept up to the arcade version it was based on. So check out Marvel Super Heroes and see it for yourself.

Technical Note Regarding Sound (submitted by Dante):

I found a way to get the music to work on this game. Since it is a modified Mugen, it was pretty simple see what has gone wrong.  The music was purposefully shut down by whoever uploaded it because when they played the game, the music was probably too choppy.  It would be choppy because their hardware acceleration is too high.  The solution: first, turn on the music.  To do this, open up C:\MSH\Data\Mugen.cfg.  In this document, scroll down to find.  If you have Windows, scroll down to "Sound configuration (Windows)".  If Linux, look for "Sound configuration (Linux)".  Underneath this, you should see Sound = 0.  Change the 0 into a one and you have turned on the music.  Now attempt playing the game.  If the music is garbled and choppy, (Windows XP...hell if i know any other OS) Go to start, Control panel, Sound, speech and audio devices, Sound and audio device properties.  At the Bottom of this window, you should see speaker systems.  Beside it, click advanced then the performance tab.  From here, simply move the audio excelerator slider a little to the left and experiment till the game sounds right.  If this doesn't work, go back to the Mugen.cfg and find PlayMIDI (if linix you'll want the next occurrence).  Here you will see PlayMIDI, PlayMP3, PlayMOD and PlayCDA all with "= 1" beside it.  turn all the 1's to 0's except for the one beside the PlayMP3.  If this doesn't work, it is probably your sound card.

Review by: DeathDude

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