Mario & Luigi Mario & Luigi
Made by: Mike Wiering
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Fun Mario clone
Colourful graphics
Easy controls
Very limited sound
No real depth

When I was offered the chance to review Mario & Luigi, I knew it was going to be a lot of fun to play that game again. I have quite a few good memories of the games Mike Wiering created. I used to love playing Charlie The Duck, Sint Niclas and Superworms. This one here is, I believe, one of his earlier games, which he made to learn a bit about programming. His first project, so to speak.

Mario & Luigi is pretty much a clone of Super Mario World, only with different levels and another story. It features the same things as Super Mario World, like colorful backgrounds, shedloads of different bad guys, the famous upgrades like the mushroom and the flower (of course it also has the star, my very favourite upgrade). I can’t say too much about story, because I honestly don’t know if there even is one. Nevertheless, the game is well worth playing.

The graphics are fabulous for their time, with the colorful characters, the backgrounds I mentioned, and the (I guess you can say) detailed sprites. The happy-looking graphics really add to the feeling of the game, they just make it more enjoyable.  The controls could not be easier. You get Ctrl for dashing, Alt for jumping, and the arrow keys. That’s about it. Well, there still is the Space key for the fireballs when you get the flower, but that doesn’t make it any less simple.

I was sort of disappointed of the sound when I played the game, because there was none. I was playing in DOSBox, and fumbled with the options quite a bit, but there still was none. I do, however, remotely recall hearing Sound and music quite similar to SMW when I played the game on my DOS PC years ago.

All in all, I can most warmly recommend this game to any of you who want a quick, fun, and entertaining game. Since it has no real depth, you don’t get too captivated, but I guess that’s a good thing when you’re playing at work...
I give the game 4 (and maybe a half) stars.


There is some sound in this game, although just like the original Mario game, it consists of beeps and bops.  The game must be played in DosBox, and you need to crank the cycles up a lot.

Review by: Grinder

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