Machines Of Destruction Machines Of Destruction
Made by: Fallen Angel Industries
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Some unique ideas
Build your own weapon
Can use your own mp3s as music
Very high difficulty at first
Only four levels included

Get into your vehicle, strap on your seatbelts, fire up the weapons, and prepare for combat. Yes you read that right; car combat time is once again upon the horizon. In this title, it turns out though it is not just car combat. Nope there is car combat of course for the purists who want some action, but perhaps you may want to race instead. Alternatively, maybe a good game of some ion soccer, the new craze in the future it seems. Either with some friends or with some bots you can enjoy the different modes present in Machines of Destruction. With the option to put on your own mp3s to listen to while you blast away your opponents, and you can even build your own custom weapon, make this not your ordinary car combat type of game.

Forget about a story in this game, there really is nothing to go on. Basically, all these cars are fighting one another for some mysterious reason. The point is that you had better blast them before they blast you down. Oh and if you think your safe in just having a race or playing ion soccer, think again. You can still use weapons in either of these modes, so it will not be just a drive in the valley for you, no it cannot be that simple.

First off, the game looks very nicely done. Very polished look all around, from the menus, to the different maps themselves and even the vehicles and environments, all look superb I thought. Nicely done on this front. Control wise may be a bit awkward with the old w, s, a, d setup that cannot be changed. Followed by using the mouse left and right buttons to fire your weapons, space bar for hand brake and control or shift as another weapon. That's right you have the possibility of having 3 different weapons placed on your vehicle. But that's not all, no if you don't like some of the default weapons, go ahead and load up the weapon maker to make your own! How's that for some innovation. Always seems to be tracks, tracks, now it is weapons.

You can choose three different modes. There is death match where essentially whoever gets the most kills wins the match. Then there is racing where you can set the number of laps and race around the tracks to be the fastest, watch out for that crossfire though. Finally ion soccer, where it's similar to soccer in that you try to grab the ion ball with your vehicle and try to drive it into your opponents goal to score. However, watch out the longer you hold onto it, it becomes unstable, and again watch out for some more crossfire. It is unique some of the ideas and the fact you can blast your opponents in each of the modes, makes it that much more fun. Finally, you get the option to listen to your own mp3 tracks if you decide, very nice that it was added you can change your tracks with F7 or F8.

Which brings me to the main point that brings down the score quite a bit the difficulty. It is just excessively difficult to really enjoy and may get frustrating. The loose controls combined with your opponents superb accuracy may make the action seem quite short shall we say. It may take you a few runs just to get used to it and you might have some luck to finally start getting revenge, but it'll take time so patience is required. In addition, the fact it only has four levels was a little disappointing; some more levels would have been nice.

In the end though this was a very interesting game and although it is hard, difficulty may seem like a questionable aspect, try it and see for yourself. Machines of Destruction is its name, see for yourself if you will emerge as the top warrior.

Review by: DeathDude

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