Lyle In Cube Sector Lyle In Cube Sector
Made by: BogoZone
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Retro feel
Colorful enemies
Lack of story

What would you do if someone stole your cat? Would you call the police? Or PETA? Not if you are Lyle! No, you will go out into an acid trip of a world, and get your kitty back, no matter how many flies youll have to crush with man sized blocks. Because you are Lyle in the cube sector!

It all starts as you are sleeping in your home, when a mysterious robed figure steals your kitty, your only true friend. So sure enough you go out and search for it. And that is all the story the game will offer you. But while its not a mystery sci-fi thriller, it does the job here just as well as a similar story served in Super Mario Brothers.

Graphics are like those of the arcade games from the eighties, but in a good way. They're colorful, atmospheric, and even somewhat cute if you manage to get away from the fact that every single furry creature and insect is out to get you. 

A separate topic are the sounds and music. The sound effects consist of simple sounds of you jumping or throwing cubes, and the enemies doing their things. The music, while repetitive, suits the gameplay perfectly . It sounds a lot like music that could be heard out of a NES, or Turbografx .  while music plays on different locations in a loop, dont worry about getting sick of it anytime soon, it will stay pleasant to listen to, no matter how many times you've heard it.

Gameplay is reminiscent of Metroid more than anything. You start out as a puny little person that gets attacked by caterpillars, and cant even throw cubes at them, having to resort to jumping over them (youre not Mario, and cant just jump on them). But not to worry, as the game progresses you will gain many original abilities (well some of them are) that will allow you to make short work of your enemies. This brings us to one of the greatest things about this game- your adversaries. You will face caterpillars and baby birds, armadillos and shooting flowers, Hippo-giraffes and levitating groundhog mages, and thats just part of the recurring cast. Bosses are even cooler.

In the end, Lyle in Cube Sector is a game you will play for days until you finally beat it. Because this game is as addictive as the crack the author was on.

Review by: a1s

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