Lurking Horror, The Lurking Horror, The
Made by: Dayne 'Diath' Holthaus
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Good story
Interesting graphics
Spooky atmosphere
A bit short


You are Mike. Your big brother Ben has just informed you that a friend... Jake... is missing. You, your brother, and Jake, had been to the cemetery last night, since it was the anniversary of your parents death, and the caretaker had seen you. Now...hours later... Jake hasn't met up with Ben, like he was supposed to. And his wallet was found in the grass at the cemetery. Rumours have been circulating about the cemetery. Bad rumours! And since your brother had seen the caretaker move a coffin from an open grave, things don't look good for poor Jake. Your brother decides to go back to the cemetery, to look for Jake. You are eager to join in the search... but for your own safety, your brother locks you in your room. Concerned for your brother's safety at the cemetery, and the danger he may be in, you must somehow find a way to escape your bedroom. But can you find your brother in time?




The Lurking Horror is a creepy little game, which takes inspiration from the 1979 film, 'Phantasm'. The game is short, so it won't take you very long to finish. But it has a sinister atmosphere. It's mouse-controlled, and you can walk around anywhere simply by clicking the mouse. You can interact with objects (indicated by a diamond with a cross in it) simply by right-clicking - this brings up a popup showing you can look at an item\\object, or investigate the item further. This popup also shows any items you are carrying, as well as giving you access to the Save\\Load\\Quit menu. Inventory items can be manipulated (which is sometimes necessary) simply by right-clicking on them.




Graphics are fairly simple, with strong colours used throughout. The game takes place at night, and shadows are used effectively, giving an eerie atmosphere. Even trees in the cemetery cast shadows. The creature in the mortuary is animated nicely, and it really made me jump. And seeing your brother at the end, is just plain creepy!




The background music adds to the sinister atmosphere. It's quiet... creepy... evil. It makes you think that there's... something... out there, lurking in the shadows. But you don't quite know what. Sound effects are used sparingly, but to good effect. For example, Ben locking the door, the glass smashing, or your gun firing. But my favourite has to be the scary low growling from the creature. It sent shivers down my spine.




The Lurking Horror is a short, horror adventure game, inspire by the film Phantasm. It's an interesting story, about a missing person, and a race against time to save your brother. The game uses a simple mouse-control system, but it's important to remember to examine objects in your inventory, for important clues. Music is creepy, and give you a sense of danger. There's not many sound effects, but that just adds to the isolation you feel, as you search the cemetery. The game has 2 different endings, and I recommend you find both endings. All in all, a scary game, just right for Halloween. My only complaint is that it's rather short.


Review by: Frodo

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