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Made by: Miguel "Migg" Perez
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Plenty of action
2 different styles of gameplay
Nifty music
Weak story
Fairly tough in the beginning

In a time of darkness and much uncertainty the people, not knowing much to do apparently, panic. Yes in those crazy times panicking and talking about what is going to happen to them is the norm. Sure, let us not act with a combined force, let us just leave it to the warrior. Which is the case in this game, where a noble warrior stands up to the king and says: “I am going to do it, I will rid the land of evil, darkness and more”. Therefore, with his sword, his good intentions, and other reasons that are pushing him forward he sets out on his journey. Along the way there will be monsters, more monsters, and well, other challenges that he will have to deal with. In Lost Valley what you get is a stellar RPG with lots of action, some different styles of gameplay and a great soundtrack. With lots to explore and experience, this is an interesting game to see in action.

The story is touched upon in the beginning of the game, but really nothing besides a mention that your warrior has to search for 12 crystals in order to save the realm and bring peace back to the land. It follows the cliché RPG of a hero going forth and saving the land, it's been done so many times but still, let us move on to the gameplay. Options and controls can also be adjusted before you start so be sure to see if you like the default controls or wish to change them.

The game is definitely reminiscent of an older title by the name of Zelda II: The Adventures of Link. While that game was a vast departure of the first Zelda game, it did have some interesting elements which are used in this game. First of all the action is in real time, meaning you do not have to wait your turn to attack and your enemies will attack you whenever they can and that means you should do the same. You do your fighting either in levels with a side-scrolling interface, as you explore different areas and smite whatever enemies get in your way. Alternatively, you will fight enemies and explore the land in a top down view of an area, where you can do battle with enemies and accomplish different tasks. This is exactly the same style used in Zelda II and actually fits nicely with the gameplay that is found in this game. It meshes nicely as you go farther and farther in the game. All the while you will be gaining experience points and receiving gold, so battling enemies often is important to keep your levels high and your gold supply stocked as well. As you climb levels you will also eventually gain access to different spells and magic, which provides another element in the game for you to use against the enemies that dare stand in your way.

The music I also enjoyed as it also fits with the action that was going on on the screen at the time and really was close to an epic nature. It just fit excellently I found, and with this type of game you know that music is a very important element. You also are guided along in the game with hints that you will find in a sort of rockish looking piece of dirt in the overhead component of your travels. Where fairies and different creatures will give you vague hints and/or even give you maps of the area. There is much to see and explore and this game will keep you engaged through the many areas you have to search for the 12 crystals.

Other than the weak sort of story, the game was actually interesting to play and definitely recommend it if you looking for an RPG to kill some time. So check out Lost Valley, and see it in action for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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