Lost In The Nightmare Lost In The Nightmare
Made by: CoolBlue Game Studios
Website: http://www.coolblue.com.tr.tc/
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Well written horror story
Atmospheric music
Good replayability
Very large download
Might be too scary for some

Please note this game has a lot of graphic violence, strong language, and some nudity.
If you are under 18, stop reading now!

Lost In The Nightmare is a horror adventure game.  It was made by CoolBlue-Gord10, and released on 7 November 2005.  It was made using AGS, but it is nothing like your usual AGS adventure game.  This is a scary game, and should not be played if you are under 18.  There is a lot of violence, strong language and some nudity in this game.  You have been warned!

The story is based in Karabalta Town.  You play a Private Investigator called Burak Guney.  You are hired to investigate the disappearance of 3 university students, who got lost while camping.  These students have been missing for 3 months, and the local police cannot seem to find them.  It's up to you now.  You stay in Karatas Hotel while you investigate things. 

You quickly realise the something tragic has happened in Burak's past.  As you investigate things, Burak's past is gradually revealed, making you want to know more.  The story gradually unfolds bit by bit, and really gets you involved. 

The game has been translated from (I think) Turkish.  The English is a bit rough, but it is still very easy to understand.

The game is very story-driven.  It uses a kind of a 'point and click' system, and has a similar feel to Silent Hill.  There are 2 main icons - 'look' (eye) or 'interact' (hand).  You can right-click to change between 'look' and 'interact', then left-click to use that icon.  You move about by clicking the hand icon on part of the screen.  The icon turns dark to show where you can do things.  Move your mouse to the top left to see your inventory.  Press Escape to save \ load etc.

The game progress through talking to varies people, and cut scenes.  The game starts with a cut scene with very creepy music.  Your character is alone in a big dark room, and he is explaining a few things.  Kind of like a voice over, but with text instead of the voice.

The graphics are just lovely.  The author has gone to great lengths to show different effects.  Things like street lamps, or mist in the dark are very effective.  Even the snow falling is beautiful.   There are also 'nightmare' scenes where there is a lot of blood everywhere, and everything looks old and rusted.  There is so much detail everywhere you look.

The author has done an excellent job.  The music is excellent. It is very dramatic and atmospheric and makes you feel very on edge.  The music changes in different locations, and it really makes you feel scared or isolated etc.  The sound effects are incredible.  You can hear a wolf howling in the distance, or the hotel door creaking as you open it.

There are many characters that you must talk to, in order to proceed with your investigation.  To begin with, you must talk to the 3 witnesses who last saw the students.  There are lots more, but I will let you discover them for yourself.

The replayability in this game is excellent.  The game is based on the choices you make at varies times.  The story makes you want to come back, and try it with different choices to see different outcomes.  What would happen if you did this instead of that?

This is one SCARY game.   This story really grabs you in and won't let go.  The graphics and music are very atmospheric.  The characters are intriguing.  If you like horror games, then this is a must.  This game will keep you interested from start to finish.  I highly recommend it.

Please install this patch - http://www.geocities.com/akk13us/litnv11.zip - into the same directory as the game itself.  This patch upgrades the game from v1.0 to v1.1, and fixes many bugs that were in the first version.

At the end, you are told there is a bonus.  The bonus is some pictures of the author.  If the game crashes at this point, load a previously saved game (any will do).  Press F10 and you will hear a door creak.  Press Ctrl X, and enter new room 1337.  You can now see the pictures.

I give this game a full 5.0.

Review by: Frodo

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Game contains violence, nudity, and strong language.
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