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Open gameplay
Different ways to live and die
Great potential
No save function
Not fully developed

LifeBiz comes from the great developer of the "GameBiz" series. The game is more of an experiment program than anything else. If you're like me, and like to play God.. then this game is for you.finereplicawatches

LifeBiz is very similar to "Real Lives". But with LifeBiz, you are given more control over your virtual human. Choose what to eat, when to party, when to work, etc. The game varies on how long your character will live. I once played without smoking, or drinking alcohol. Because of this.. my character lived past the age of 120. This was after having multiple transplant surgeries. Having one of the transplants done is expensive, but in the long run.. it helps you live longer.

Overall, LifeBiz doesn't give you much of a challenge. After all, the game isn't anywhere near being finished. Nevertheless, I've spent hours playing this.. giving my human 1000 cigs until he died at the age of 16. And even living a normal life, watching to see if my character develops medical problems.

There are multiple ways to die. From being underweight, overweight, depressed, or even overdosing. It's "fun" trying to find the different ways to die. Choosing different careers, and upgrading your car/house also adds depth to LifeBiz.

However, this game is not for everyone. There is no story. No objective. And the game is also lacking in save functions, and some other features. It would be great if you could commit crimes, or start a family. But the potential.. is there.

If you enjoy "The Sims", or even "Real Lives", you will enjoy LifeBiz. Sure it's missing some features.. but the game is fun even without them.


Review by: Nick

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