Lemming Ball Z Lemming Ball Z
Made by: Menne Kamminga
Website: http://www.lbz3d.com/
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Nice graphics
Nice sound
Great gameplay
Clumsy interface
Complex control system

LemmingBallZ is a fantastic hybrid of the cute characters of the Lemmings series and action packed battles of DragonBallZ. I am not a DragonBallZ fan or an anime fan in general but that did not stop me from enjoying this great game.

LemmingBallZ is a cute fighting game that is great for both single player and multi-player experiences. Gameplay consists of flying around the screen in a frenzy and blasting your opponent into many bloody pieces.  Basically you control your character with the arrow keys and send him around the screen whilst using the various attack buttons to try and lower your opponent's health. The main feature of LemmingBallZ that isn't found in other similar games is the sheer pace of gameplay. Battles are very fast, furious and fun! You can either challenge the computer or play online against other players like yourself.

Graphics in LemmingBallZ are great. They are bright, colourful . distinct and well crafted. Backgrounds are nicely drawn 2D landscapes that have a cartoonish feel to them. Characters are 3D and well animated. The game features a lot of lovely particle effects and explosions which create a action packed screen of graphical brilliance.  There isn't much more to say about the graphics other than the fact that they are very pleasing to the eye and suit the design of the game.

The sound in LemmingBallZ is also top notch. Each attack has its own novel little sound all of which work well together. The fast tempo and action of the game is well matched with the sound which is loud. chaotic and is of a  good quality. All sound effects work well together to create a great playing atmosphere.

I am really fond of LemmingBallZ. It's great for playing with friends when you're in class for a quick laugh and is also good to play at home on a more competitive level across the internet. Playing alone is also a blast. Gameplay is simple action packed fun that doesn't grow old fast. The only downsides to the game are the somewhat clumsy interface and complex control system. Getting adjusted to the game can take some time but once you know how to play it's unlikely you'll stop.

Review by: Sean

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6,1 MB
Multiplayer modes:
Hot Seat
Age rating:
Excessive Blood & Violent Gameplay (Can be turned off in options menu)
Safe for ages: 15+
Pentium 3, 500Mhz with a TNT2 or higher card, 256 MB ram
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