Larry Vales: Traffic Division Larry Vales: Traffic Division
Made by: Philip J. Reed
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Interesting story
Funny Dialogue
So-so graphics
Okay music

Enter the role of traffic officer Larry Vales! Now, you're probably thinking 'A traffic officer in an adventure game? That's it, I'm not reading any more!' but before you click that back button on your browser, read on I say! Your job is irrelevant; this is a game that excels at something that is unsuccessfully attempted in many adventure games - humour. That is right; Larry Vales actually tries to be funny and, unlike other games, it pulls it off. Not only that, but with an engaging story that brings you right in and keeps you hooked, Larry Vales: Traffic Division may be an oldie in the AGS engine series of games, but it still is a classic.

You play the role of Larry "Sideburns" Vales, a traffic officer who is assigned a dangerous mission, along with his partner Charlie who only focuses on looking good for the women and just being a lazy, unhelpful kind of guy. It seems scientist Professor Semprini has made the new Lovely Rita 4200 Parking Enforcement Cyborg to crack down on traffic infractions. There is a slight problem, though, when it's discovered that the Cyborg is sentencing to death citizens who commit even the most minor traffic offences. Even Larry's boss had his house burned down for parking badly at work. Therefore they call for Larry to stop this Cyborg and restore peace again, although both his boss and the scientist who invented the Cyborg have their doubts, continuing to make jokes about Larry's sideburns.

The game brings you into the story right away as you go forth to stop a crazed Cyborg from wreaking any more havoc. Graphically, the game is not that great; it's not the best it could have been but still, for the style of the game, it fits nicely in my opinion and, ultimately, graphics are not everything in a game. The story is good though, if not exactly the most spectacular one, but it gets the job done nicely in the end. The big positive about this game, though, is the written dialogue; everything from the conversations on to the character interactions is done very nicely. The game uses humour very well and I had a few good laughs with many of the scenes. You will notice some references from different TV shows, movies and similar, which really enhances the game and keeps you entertained.

The game's music is reasonable - these are some tunes that you've probably heard before, but they're done well and do not distract from the experience of the game.
Larry Vales is really an essential title for adventure fans - if you want a good laugh and a challenge, this is a game that you must check out. So go forth and do it.

Review by: DeathDude

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