King Pong II King Pong II
Made by: AnyKeySoft
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Excellent AI
Good replayability
Extensive help
Little variety of music

As the name should hint you, this is a game based on the classic Pong. However, it adds much more to the gameplay. Just like in the classic, each player has a paddle. The goal is to use your paddle to make the ball go past the opponent's side of the screen, thus scoring, while stopping the ball from going past your side of the screen.

However, in King Pong 2, you can do much more than that. You can fire shots which can either freeze the opponent's paddle or bounce the ball back to his side at a faster speed. There are also bonus bubbles which pop up from time to time. Shoot at them to make them float towards you and catch them with your paddle. Watch out though, the opponent can still shoot at them and pull them over to his side.

There's a huge variety of bonuses that you can get, from triple shots, extra balls, size bonus, guided missiles, ghost assist, ball magnet, and many more, so you'll have to aim sharply if you want to get an advantage over your opponent. You can also change game settings, like whether the game ends by score or time limit, bonus behaviour, or how many balls you start with (from one to five!).

In case you don't have any friends to play with, there's a One Player mode available, in which you can play against a computer opponent. However, be careful, since the AI is very clever and you'll have a hard time defeating it. It won't just keep you from getting the ball past its side, but it'll also fire at the ball or try to get bonuses, including stealing your own.

There are also two Training modes in which balls are fired at you and you have to get as many as you can past the opposite side, either within the time limit or without missing too many balls, trying to get the best highscore you can. Targets sometimes show up which net you extra score if you hit them.

In Two Player mode, there are four game modes available. Normal, which is, well... regular gameplay. Colour, which is like Normal, only the ball has to be of your colour to score. You change the ball's colour by firing at it. Darkness, in which the ball is only visible where there's light, which is emitted by paddles, bonuses and candles. And finally, Battle. Battle is very different from the other game modes. Now the goal is to kill your opponent. To do this you have to pickup weapons which float by, and then use them to hit your opponent's paddle until your opponent's out of HP. And you still have to worry about the ball; if it gets past your side you lose your weapon. If all this seems confusing, don't worry, there's much more help in the game.

The game is made with Macromedia Flash so you can expect very nice and sharp vector graphics which don't become smaller in higher resolutions. The music is also very good to match, though there's not much variety. Overall, this is a very good take on the classic Pong, with lots of new additions guaranteed to keep it fun and addictive for a long time.

Review by: SupSuper

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