Ken's Labyrinth Ken's Labyrinth
Made by: Ken Silverman
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Addictive music
Lots of interactive objects
Better graphics have been seen
Ken's Labyrinth is a first person shooter similiar to the Wolf3d engine. Both the game and code was created by Ken Silverman (The creator of the Duke3d Build Engine) when he was 16-17 years old. Ken's Labyrinth is pretty entertaining, though it does have bad graphics.

Your goal is to find your puppy and escape the labyrinth. The game spans over three episodes. You will encounter many enemies, and cool objects like soda machines (used to buy items) and slot machines (to gamble your money). There are cool features like money, interactive objects, and listening to Ken TALK!

The graphics as previously stated are not the best. Since this is the OpenGL version, the graphics look much better. They are not as pixilated as the DOS version. The sprites are drawn pretty well for someone this young. Some though look really weird, like the bubble gum shooter (drawn by Mikko Iho). It looked like a piece of meat to me!

The sounds are mainly Ken yelping and saying things like "Good Job!" when you beat a level. The music is really cheerful and addictive, one of the pros to Ken's Labyrinth. Best of all, you don't need VDM Sound or DOS-BOX because the sound and music is emulated in the OpenGL version.

Ken's Labyrinth is a great game for the people who are bored. There is one bug I know of though. It seems the menus are not draw correctly in full screen mode. They do not appear when you push ESC. To see the main menu, push ESC then enter. Now push ESC again. It will appear.
Review by: Ioncannon

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