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Made by: Stein Nygard
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Interesting concept
Representation of kart racing
Some interesting environments
Odd feeling of movement
Cars bouncing off each other
No music

So you think you can race do ya? Think you got what it takes to jump in a kart and race against maybe five other opponents and be number 1 after that? Well you had better get yourself prepared because this is not an easy kart race that you will be able to just breeze on through, not without the proper preparation. In Karting Race, what you get is though a faithful representation of kart racing, it's not like Mario Kart with it's items and colourful characters, but still presents quite a bit of challenge. With tough opponents, small tracks, just like in real kart racing and just that feeling of being on a sort of open road but that's confined yeah all that sort of excitement.

You can redefine your keys in the options menu of the game, if you do not like the default of the up arrow key to accelerate, down key to brake and left and right keys to steer. You also have two choices right away, of what you can do. You can take your kart onto one of the four tracks in the game and start practicing. On the other hand, if you want you can also start racing right away and see how you do. Your opponents though will not make it easy for you so advisable to practice a bit, especially to get used to how your kart moves around the track.

Graphically the game looks like you would imagine if you went kart racing. Sort of an enclosed area where you race and the environment around, it looks nice although there are four courses there is some similarity to them with just some different uses of colours in some of them. The game itself is a good representation of actual kart racing. By the look of the actual karts, to the courses themselves, with there tight turns and fast straight-aways. If you have ever gone kart racing before then you will feel right at home with this game. The game also is faithful with its sound effects of the karts and just the noises you would expect from a kart.

There is no music in the game which is disappointing, as would have been nice to hear some tunes while you race, so you will have to use your own if you want to hear some. As well, the kart movements on the track take a bit to get used to. It just seems a bit loose I thought, so you will have to be careful. Also when your racing thought the whole if your kart hits another and it causes it to bounce off was unrealistic as if you've ever gone kart racing, you will know that sort of thing doesn't happen. Would have been nice to see spinouts and more like in real life racing but oh wells not in this game. There is only four courses in the game but an additional track editor found at the web site for this game, you can try your hand at making more so that was awesome to see.

Still if you like kart racing, you should enjoy this game, the controls may take some time to get used to, but still it was a nice effort done for this sort of idea. So check out Karting Race and see it for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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