Kapitan Binarny Kapitan Binarny
Made by: Twin Bottles
Website: http://binarny.pjwstk.edu.pl/en/index.html...
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Superb cartoon graphics
Plenty of action
Good level of difficulty
Too short
Lots of the same enemies

When an alien invasion threatens the earth and no superhero is available to do battle, someone has to take the torch and fight off the aliens. Sure the odds may be overwhelming, but still what with the added glory, medals, and praise to go along with saving the world. Therefore, what happens is we have a new hero step in and that is Kapitan Binarny! Yes with his weapons and his fists of fury, he will make sure that no alien invasion will happen on his watch. As he battles through the different areas he will have to use all his skills to survive if he hopes to prevent this invasion from succeeding, but will he win or end up defeated? In this challenging game you have to fight through swarms of aliens, all the while surviving against numerous odds, and what you get is a great looking game, with plenty of action, a good and fair level of difficulty and numerous weapons, which makes this a very enjoyable game to play.

As I have mentioned earlier, the earth is being invaded and here comes our hero Kapitan Binarny, that's all there is too it. Once you start the game you have a limited number of lives, and it only takes one hit to lose a life. You have two continues though to help you out in this adventure, so the key is for you to shoot fast and hard to nail those aliens. You also have the opportunity to collect many different weapons and each one has its own set of advantages but these weapons only have a limited amount of ammo so be careful. Once you finish off the aliens you will proceed to face the end of the level boss, so again aim fast, keep moving and just show them who's boss.

The first thing you will notice in this game is its graphics. It stands out very much and the cartoon style that was chosen for the game looks awesome. The environments, the characters, everything in the game looks like you\re playing it from a cartoon or even a comic book, it just looks fabulous all around in this area. Nicely done. As a superhero you would expect the odds to be stacked against you and in this game it is very much so. You will not have much time to rest between action sections, as the aliens come at you in great numbers, hoping to defeat you. The difficulty level for this game is actually reasonable I thought. It does take a few rounds to get used to how your character moves and just getting used to the different aliens and how they try to attack you, but once you do get a rhythm down you should have no problem getting far in this game.

While the game is very promising, it was sad to see that it only lasted three levels. While the levels themselves are big, by the time you get to the last level you get that feeling of wanting a bit more or least to have the experience continue a bit.

Nevertheless, this is a fun game, if you want some quick and fast action. See for yourself, it’s called Kapitan Binarny and see if you can save the universe.

Review by: DeathDude

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42,3 MB
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Safe for all ages
Windows 9x/XP/2000/2003

Processor 500Mhz or faster


DirectX 7 compatible (video)

DirectSound compatible (sound)
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