Just Another Point n Click Adventure Just Another Point n Click Adventure
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Entertaining Story
Interesting Puzzles
Play as two characters
Short game
No Music

You may look at the title of this game and think 'Wow, what a cliché title the developer used for this one!' Well, I give him creative points for it - it makes the game stand out, and the content itself does a nice job of this too. With good graphics, an interesting story to this first part of the series and some unique puzzles this adventure game is not just another one that you may see; it does have qualities that make it stand out from the pack.

JAPnCA stars two main characters, Andrew and his younger brother Alistair. It seems that Andrew, the elder brother, is not doing anything with his life. According to his mother he just sits around and plays computer games and does not even have a job, preferring to lounge around as a moocher. So his mom gives him an ultimatum; either he finds something to do with his life or he will be kicked out of the house. This is where our humble adventure title begins.

You may not consider the game's graphics to be that impressive in comparison with some of the other freeware adventure titles available. Nevertheless, the cartoony style fits in with the story and style of the game. The characters are reasonably well modelled and the environments are also done well; there are occasional spots where it could've been done better but overall it works. The puzzles you encounter in the game will make you think. These puzzles are not super hard ones that will have you scratching your head for hours on end, but they are challenging and unique in the ways you can accomplish certain tasks. Finally, the ability to play as two different characters in the game is interesting to see whenever it is applied. It allows for a different experience and the developer scripted it so that the characters are not the same in their reactions to events and your actions.

All this brings me to the game itself. It's not really all that long. You'll be playing along and soon you'll reach the end and probably be thinking: "Oh, it's done already." This is apparently the first game in a series, but as I write this the second part is still in development and has not been released. The game also suffers in that there is almost no music - there is title music, but once you start the game there is not a single track that plays, just some sound effects. I really was disappointed not to hear any music while playing the game. I feel it takes away from the experience because I enjoy hearing tracks play - even if they had put in music from other sources that would have been better than nothing in my opinion.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting adventure game to check out if you're a fan of the genre, and it will get you engaged in the story before part 2 comes out. So give Just Another Point 'n' Click Adventure a try.

Review by: DeathDude

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