Jessica Plunkenstein: The Düsseldorf Conspiracy Jessica Plunkenstein: The Düsseldorf Conspiracy
Made by: greGAMES!
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Interesting story
Great dialogue/writing
Good choice of voices used
Graphics a bit so-so

It is time again to enter a mysterious land. A land that somehow our heroine was not supposed to be in; it is a good thing that the plane ticket was switched. Course there is more going on in this fabulous adventure title. From the quirky characters along the way, to the interesting cliché story plot, to the very well written dialogue and witty lines and a voice pack! That's right, a voice pack with very good voices being used makes this a well put together adventure game for any fan of the genre.

The game starts off that our heroine Jessica is being reassured by her parents that they have been rough on her as of late. They finally came to accept that Jessica can have a career and ignore the stereotypical gender roles that they have been expecting. Ha! Yeah right. Nope, instead they decide to send Jessica to Miss Pernilla's Institute for unwifely women. Where the school will teach Jessica the proper things about being a women and get rid of this silly notion of a career and such. Nice way to begin the game with some controversy, but it is done in a tongue and cheek style for humor purposes. However, a mishap at the airport allows that Jessica's ticket has been switched with fabled explorer Harrison J Harris, who was supposed to be flying to the Amazon rainforest for his next mission. So starts the adventure that Jessica was not expecting. 

From the start of the beginning intro to the beginning of the game until the end everything is presented nicely and it can be seen that a lot of effort went into development of the game. The story that Jessica has to embark on in the amazon forest to stop an evil Baron from unleashing his vile plan that involves Broadway. Of all places, not Broadway! It continues on from there across many lands, including llama land, with llamas! Yup, if you are a fan of llamas then you have another reason to play this game. One of the things that stand out about this title is its writing. The dialogue, the writing, it's all done very well and it's very humorous to hear some of the lines that get spoken. From the jokes to the witty references about the adventure genre, this game has it all (Like when the baron tells you he's going to turn around and not pay attention to what you are doing, it's just classic, very well done all around, bravo). The game includes a voice pack as well, which is rare to see, and even better, the voices in the game are very well done. Especially Jessica's is really done very well I thought. Very effective for the type of character she is portrayed in the game.

Other than the graphics which are okay but not super great, this game has everything going for it and it is all done very well and with lots of effort and attention to detail. The sound and music as well fit the scenes of the game and again is put together very nicely. This is a must play for any adventure fan, definitely check it out! And did I mention llamas? 

Review by: DeathDude

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