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You remember what people used to say back in the day, how by the year 2000 there would be flying cars, futuristic gadgetry and of course plenty of robots doing every sort of job you can imagine from housekeeping, to pretty much every other manual task job there was out there. Well although some of those predictions did come true in some areas, in this particular game set in the future, warfare is now waged on the battlefield with robots. Humans still command the movements of the drones and when they fire their weapons but warfare has indeed changed. In Jeluvian, there is plenty to experience and see on your travels with your drone army as it faces a mysterious foe, as usual. The game is a nice challenge for any RTS veteran or to someone new to the genre, has an interesting story and some fantastic music, with lots of levels to explore; it is a complete all around package that will entertain you for quite some time due to its length.

The story of the game involves your squad learning about a new enemy that has emerged with enemy drones, after you encounter hostile scouter drones on a patrol mission. Little by little, you begin to discover more about what is going on with these drones and where they are coming from. I do not wish to give many details because there is the potential for many spoilers along the way, the story is quite interesting and reveals little bits of information along the way, via in game text conversations that take place before a mission.

The first mission will also introduce you to the many controls in the game, as there are quite a bit of different controls you have to remember as you guide your team across many different maps. Do not worry if you cannot remember all the controls because over the first several missions, you will be introduced to the new controls on the battlefield, from mapping out waypoints for your forces, to using secondary weapons and much more. In addition, as you beat more and more missions you will be introduced to new weaponry and new drones that you will be able to use on the battlefield.

The way each mission begins is a set of conversation that occurs between your characters who will offer suggestions and insight into the mission ahead; you will then receive a number of drones. You cannot make any more drones while you are in battle, but in later missions, you will have the ability to heal the drones and also refill their weapons. Movement on the battlefield is accomplished by clicking on a drone or dragging the left mouse button over a series of drones and left clicking on an area to show them where they should move. When you encounter enemies, you fire with the right mouse button, so you have control over when your drones will fire, make sure to conserve your ammo in the early missions as once your drone runs out of your primary weapon, they will be sitting ducks.

The game is challenging without a doubt. If you have not played many RTS games, then the first bunch of missions can be tough to beat. However, there is a great feature that is added that I think should be implemented more into these types of games. Once you lose a particular mission, by having all your forces be defeated, you can try the mission again but this time in easy mode. The easy mode is a bit more forgiving in terms of the amount of damage your drones can take, it is not a cakewalk to beating the mission, but it does give you a much easier time of beating a mission in most cases.

The music as well in the game is fantastic to listen to, very well composed. It adds to each mission and just sounds great, it is not distracting I found as there were times when I was so engrossed in the action I forgot about the music for a little while, but once I started to listen carefully to the music again, it is quite impressive.

Jeluvian has a little bit of everything for the strategy gamer, from a strong story, to some great music, to the overall idea of using strategy and tactics to defeat your enemy there is so much to see in this game, that it is highly recommended that you try it out and see it in action for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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