James Peris is the agent 00.5 James Peris is the agent 00.5
Made by: Lacosaweb Games
Website: http://www.lacosaweb.com/jamesperis/english.h...
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Nice graphical choice
Funny dialogue
Pretty good music
Some translation errors
Somewhat cliché story

The name is Peris, James Peris. No that's no typo there is a new agent in town, the next breed of secret agent, black suit is still intact, cunning lines, well almost there and a red nose? Okay well that is new. There is a new agent out on the loose and he is James Peris. In this tale of espionage, and theft we have our agent who must stand tall, solve the mystery and hopefully win the girl in the end too of course. All the while evil tries to stop our hero but he is not alone with two other characters he will meet along the way to aid him in his mission. In James Peris is the agent 00.5 what we see with this title is some funny dialogue and conversations along the way, some interesting puzzles, pretty good music and just a good overall adventure game that should keep you entertained with what happens.


The game starts off with James returning from solving another mission at a local high school, but soon enough after arriving at the secret base, he gets his new mission, the crown jewels of England have been stolen! That is right those precious jewels of the royalty are gone! Therefore, it is up to James to retrieve these jewels and bring uh peace and prosperity one would hope with the return of these jewels.


The graphic style the developer used is definitely different and it gives you that somewhat cartoony feeling when you start to play. Almost looks like the developer tried to go with a kind of anime look to for at least some of the characters in game, you can see by some of the screenshots. The dialogue and conversations that are used in game are also pretty funny for the most part. Some translation errors and spelling mistakes though are evident but it's does not cause you to not understand the main joke or punch line. As well the tunes in game are very nicely used, and most fit in with the scenes of the game, there are some questionable choices but oh wells. Some are borrowed from other sources but since they are in midi format, you might recognize them.


The story line rather is a bit cliché, the old searching for stolen goods a little more originality would have been nice. As well the game was recently translated from it's original language of Spanish and as a result there is a lot of spelling errors and grammar mistakes so be warned.


However, this was a different take on the whole agent sort of idea and it was interesting to see especially in the style it was done in. So check out James Peris in his first adventure and see how he does.

Review by: DeathDude

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