Imogen Imogen
Made by: Ovine By Design
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Cute graphics
Interesting puzzles
Limited amount of transforms
Jumping can be tedious

Once, according to legend, a land was terrorized by a mighty dragon. A powerful wizard transformed himself into an even mightier dragon and beat it in a duel. The strain of the transformation made his mind snap when transforming back, though, and he got locked up by another wizard, until he regained sanity. This is where you begin: Inside a cave, looking for all parts of the sanity spell in order to regain your freedom, only armed with three transformation spells and a limited amount of times you can use them.

Imogen is a game like no other game, and that's due to various reasons. The first, and most obvious one, is because it uses dual controls. This exists out of two sets of movement keys and two action keys. One set contains the left and right cursors and the spacebar. This set controls the menu system, which exists out of a save/load feature, toggling music, entering and getting a password and the transformations and inventory objects you can use. The other control set contains Z, X and return, which controls your character. Z and X are for moving left and right, and return is the action-key, which has different effects on the different transformations. All these controls're reconfigurable, in case you don't like them.

The three standard transformations are cat, monkey and wizard. Each of these has its special abilities. As a cat, you'll be able to jump further and higher and move faster. Monkeys're able to climb ropes and plants by holding the return key, and can jump off of them into the faced direction. When in wizard-form, you're able to hold and use items you've picked up, the usage depending from item to item and changing automatically. In order to bring the game to a good end, you'll need to transform only when necessary and have all three transformations interact wisely.

The game's graphics and sound are rather average. Although they're cute, they're not especially good, nor rather bad. They're decent and functional. The variation in them that each level brings, will keep you captivated to the game, though.

The only real drawbacks for this game, are the unintuitive controls, which take a while to get used to. Once you've mastered them, they prove to boost the game's flexibility, though. Another drawback is the limited times you can transform. You start out with 150 magic, and each transformation takes one off of it. When it reaches 0, you can't transform anymore. Concidering it won't increase, and that there're sixteen levels to play through, you'll need to use your transformations only when really necessary.

Whoever loves a challenge and cute puzzles that span multiple screens, will definitely enjoy Imogen. Those who don't, can still claim they know a game that sounds like a medicine and play because of that.

Review by: Kon-Tiki

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7,9 MB
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Safe for all ages
64Mb Ram
Pentium II
16-Bit colours
Soundcard supporting DirectX
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