Icy Tower Icy Tower
Made by: Free Lunch Design
Website: http://www.freelunchdesign.com/
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So addictive
Ability to save replays
Lack of plot
Can be frustrating sometimes

Icy Tower is small, yet very entertaining arcade game brought to you by Free Lunch Design. The story is somewhat seamy: Harold the Homeboy and his friends have decided to climb a huge tower. Since the tower is endlessly high, your goal is to get them as high as possible without falling down while building up your score by reaching higher floors as well as by performing various moves and combos.

This game is equipped with cartoonish graphics, catchy music and humorous sound effects. 
As said earlier, your task is to collect as many points as you can by performing spectacular combo moves, which means at least two-floor jump (but you won't get many points for that one). By doing several chained combos, you get more and more points, as well as some message like ''wow'' or ''awesome'' along with some eye candy (which can be turned off in order not to disturb your concentration).

Gameplay is very challenging and it will keep you playing on and on.You will often find yourself saying: ''Just one more time...''. This game requires high level of concentration and reflex skills which can be brushed only by repeatedly playing the game. So you must be very careful with your jumping, because you'll often just slide off the floor and fall down, which makes you start from the beggining. An believe me, that can be really frustrating.

Icy Tower also features various unlockable floor types, with an option to change starting floor. With your download you get 2 characters you can play with: Harold the Homeboy and funny looking disco dancer. But you can download additional user-made characters, and try your luck with, for instance, Bart Simpson or cute little worm from ''Worms'' series. Some of the characters also come with speech files, which makes the atmosphere even more entertaining.

Though it lacks complexity, Icy Tower is an easy-going game which will make your time fly away. So it's now up to you to download this addictive gem and try to achieve the highest score you can. If you think you're good enough, don't hesitate to share highscores and replays on Icy Tower online community!

Icy Tower is downlodable in three different versions which vary in sound quality. You can select between 11kHz, 22kHz (recommended at least) and 44kHz sound. Download of 1.2.1. patch is strongly advised.

Review by: OvErLoRd

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