Hank's Quest: Victim of Society Hank's Quest: Victim of Society
Made by: Femo Duo Entertainment
Website: http://home.deds.nl/~femo/
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Fun story
Excellent test game
Neat puzzles
The basement

Hank - The Ladies ManCreated by Femo Duo Entertainment, Hank's Quest: Victim of Society bears a close resembly to SIERRA's oldschool adventure games. In the game we take the role of Hank, a typical frustrated asocial teenager, and guide him towards popularity and love. All he has to do is to organize the best party the neighbourhood has ever seen.

Paul - The Football KingThe first problems become evident when Hank realizes that he don't really have any friends to invite, nontheless he calls his cousin Chris and verbally abuses him until Chris agrees to print out 8 invitations for him. Once he has the invitations he need, Hank sets out to school to bribe, seduce and suck up to people so that they will come to his party. Just like in a normal teenage life, in other words.

Chris - The Poor GuyThe game isn't very big, but there are good reasons for this. Hank's Quest was Femo Duo's training mission, before starting on making Enclosure. They needed to familliarize themselves with AGI and how to create animations and backgrounds. For a test-game, HQ is a very good one. It has some very good puzzles, like the electrocuting floor. Sadly it also feature one incredibly frustrating puzzle. The Basement Maze. While the idea for the puzzle was good, the maneuvering is really difficult. It would've helped a lot if you could locate your position, so that you could avoid walking over the same spot several times. There are two places you can see yourself, though, so it is possible to navigate somewhat. It still can take a long time to find the beer bottle if you are unlucky.

Mission ImpossibleOverall, I land on 4 points for this game. It isn't a big game, but it's fun to play, and for a simple test game it is one of the best I've seen. Most people just create two rooms, and try to interact with different stuff on their test games. Femo Duo took it all out, and created a full fledged game based loosely on themselves.

Review by: Tom Henrik

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Contains a lot of sexual references and bad language.
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