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Fun, addictive gameplay
Large choice of themes
Customizable Harry
Scoring system is confusing

Hairy Harry is a funny little beach volleyball game that is heaps of fun to play. And the star of the game is... the one and only... Harry!   A very hairy Harry.  Um, wait a minute... did I say 'the one and only'?  *counts*  one, two.  There are *two* Harrys!  No, don't worry, you're not seeing double.  Both you, and your opponent play as 'Harry'..  But fear not - Harry is fully customisable, so both Harrys can look completely different, but I'll explain more about that later on. 

So... the game?  Well, it's beach volleyball.  To sum it up, the aim of the game is to score points by hitting the ball over a high net, into your opponent's side.  Your opponent then tries to hit the ball back to you, without it touching the ground.  In a 1-player game, you always start.  In multiplayer games, the starter player is randomized.  So simply jump up to hit the ball and begin. 

If either of you miss the ball, then a whistle is blown to indicate that play is halted, and whoever got the last 'good' hit, gets to start the next round.  Play is also halted when the same person hits the ball too many times in a row, without it going over the net.  The first to reach 15 points, wins the game.  I must admit, I am a little unclear of exactly how points are scored*, as it seems to be rather inconsistent.  Sometimes (but not always) it seems like if your opponent misses the ball, then you get points.  And sometimes (but not always) it seems like if your opponent hits the ball too many times in a row, then you get points.  Perhaps someone could clear that up for me? 


Now Hairy Harry may be a beach volleyball game at heart, with a beach theme as background.  But there are many other themes that you can download from 'Options' in the main menu.  There are over 30 themes to choose from, as well as the original 'Classic' theme, and I recommend you give them all a try..  Hairy Harry can be played as a 1-player game (against the computer), a 2-player game (against each other), or even a network LAN game.  You can even rename your little guy, by going into 'Player Setup' from the main menu, as well as being able to customize how he looks.  All that's left to do now, is to choose which skill level you want - Easy, Normal, or Hairy - and away you go. 

Jump  - Up Arrow
Left  - Left Arrow
Right  - Right Arrow 


This is where Hairy Harry really shines though.  Attention to detail on the Harry's are top-notch.  For starters, he's so customisable, allowing you to change how he looks.  You can change his skin colour, his hair colour, and even his hair style.  And with styles ranging from the classic Harry, to Indian, to punk, to rocker, to Elvis, there is something for everyone!  In fact, customizing your little guy is just as much fun as the game itself. 

Talking of the game, I love watching Harry jump around.  A clever little tool called the Hairmaker Tool (an optional download, allowing you to create your own hairstyles) was used to create Harry's hair, allowing the hair to move around very realistically.  It's amazing!  Harry himself is so adorable, with his huge hobbity feet (although sometimes he does wear shoes).  Another nice touch is the eyes.  Both Harrys are constantly watching the ball, no matter where abouts in the court they, or the ball, are.  Just watch those little eyes dart about! 

As I mentioned earlier, there are more than 30 themes to choose from.  Each theme affects how the game looks, with a different background, different ball, different net, and sometimes different Harrys.  Club Penguin theme shows lots of snow, and your net is replaced by a snowman!  The Dragon theme shows a fearsome dragon in the background, and your Harrys become cute little dragons with big teeth and scales down the back, and your ball is now a dragon egg.  Herr der Ringe (my personal favourite theme) allows you to play as Frodo & Gollum, hitting the One Ring over the net, looking at Mount Doom in the back ground.  A scary Graveyard theme has you hitting skulls over the pole, with a haunted house as your background.  Other notable themes include Dinosaurs, Friedhof, Duckland, Jungle, Pokemon, Space, Xmas, and so much more. 


Music is limited, but sound effects are used to good effect, and are a pleasure to hear.  Most of the time, you can hear the thud of the ball as it bounces around, and a whistle blowing when play is halted (if the ball is dropped, or if one player hogs the ball for too long).  But sometimes, depending on what theme you pick, the sound effects are varied.  For example, a kazoo replaces the whistle in Club Penguin theme.  The Birdy Song plays as background music, and a whistle is replaced by a 'Whoa' in the Duckland theme.  A piercing scream is heard in Friedhof theme.  And skulls 'clank' over the net in Graveyard theme.  There are so many little treats like that for each theme. 


Hairy Harry is a fun little beach volleyball game, with lots of appeal.  Harry is a hairy little guy, and it's fun to watch him jump about, as his hair flies up and down very realistically.  You can change his skin colour, his hair colour, and his hair style, allowing you to create a unique Harry every time.  It's a very simple game to control, just by using the Left Arrow key, Right Arrow key, and Up Arrow key.  Graphics are wonderful to look at, with lots of strong, bright colours.  And all the different themes available are just amazing.  Sound effect are pleasant, with the sound of the ball bouncing around, and the whistle to halt play.  But the extra sound effects that come with certain themes is a welcome treat.  This is one game I highly recommend.  The only problem is, who will win the match?  Harry, or... Harry? 




I have been informed that you can only score points while you control the serve.  So if your opponent controls the serve, then you won't score any points.  Thankyou Vineet for that information. 


Review by: Frodo

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