Gunner 3 Gunner 3
Made by: Gary Gasko
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Easy controls
Great music
Hard bosses
Graphics not so great

Enter the shoes of a mercenary, that's right a mercenary who's so loaded with ammo and weapons, enemies dare not stand in his way, and if they do he'll just blast them away. What do I mean? Well it's time you check out Gunner 3 to find out, in this addicting and fun platform game, full of action and suspense.

The story for Gunner 3 is kind of simple and well here it goes. You are the mercenary known as gunner and you have to stop a group of evil people and their insects from taking over the world, cliché doesn't begin to describe the storyline. So as you explore this forest where some of the enemies have found themselves, you have to take out the insects and the troops guarding them, all the while picking up weapons to help you in your cause and bring justice back to this world!

Alright getting into the thick of the game won't take you too long. Controls are easy to get used to and what's also interesting is that you can use the up and down arrow keys to aim, that's right even though it's a side scrolling game, you can aim your shots up and down, very useful when facing some enemies. As well there are a lot of weapons you can collect and unleash on your enemies at least 19 different ones, course some may be challenging to get but they are worth it, for the effort you may have to do with some of them. The music in game is great I found, very enjoyable and fits the game perfectly, nice sort of action, adrenaline packed, well comes close anyway.

The graphics are probably the weak part of the game, they may not seem to be all that impressive but in my opinion with the style of game being shown here, they mesh nicely and are not really an issue. You'll have fun with the bosses though, these bosses in the game are very difficult and you have to use all your wits to get past some of them, good to see hard bosses but a tad too hard I found.

This was a great addictive and challenging platform game and I suggest you check it out, if your looking for some great action, the game is called Gunner 3, check it out.

Review by: DeathDude

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Violence and blood
Safe for ages: 15+
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