Grand Theft Auto 2 Grand Theft Auto 2
Made by: Rockstar Games
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Really smooth driving
Interactive Gangster-table
Lots of secrets all over
Many violent scenes

In 1999 Rockstar Games improved the original Grand Theft Auto and created a completely new game: Grand Theft Auto 2. The only thing they didn't change from the original was the plot. You still start out as a low-life crook who wants to play with the big boys in the underworld. As you progress in the game, new places open up and the missions get harder. Those who have played the first GTA will recognize this style of play, but GTA 2 adds a lot of new effects that improve the gameplay immensly.

The first you will notice is the graphical improvement. Not only is the game more detailed, but it lets you choose the lighting in the game; either it is dusk (which adds a lot to the mood, but makes it harder to spot things in the game) or you can play in full noon (which does the opposite). Personally I play the game with a dark setting, as it fits the game more in my personal opinion.

The next you will notice is the Criminal Gangs-table. In order to do jobs for the different gangs, you need to gain their respect. There are a total of three competing gangs in each area, and you start out neutral to all of them. This means you are open to work for anyone in the beginning. However, since the gangs are competing, pulling off jobs for one gang makes you loose respect in a rival gang. If you really get on a gang's bad side, they will start shooting at you on sight, so try not to make your life too difficult on the streets.

Rockstar Games also fixed the main problem with the prequel - the driving interface. It is no longer a problem driving around without buildings getting in your line of sight, and the actual driving has also been made more smooth, giving you more control over the car and much better performance.

GTA 2 also includes a bigger variation of weapons and items for you to play with, including Oil Slicks for your car - perfect for getting that SWAT-truck off your back. And those SWAT-trucks are the best vehicles in the game - smashes everything, packs a great punch, has a fast and furious engine, takes a great deal of damage AND looks really cool. A must have!

The music and sounds are also brilliant, and will ensure the perfect atmosphere in the game. All in all a solid production, with no downsides.

In my opinion the first GTA showed us an idea, but GTA 2 showed us that this type of game was here to stay. I dare say that the later GTA games would've never seen the light of day, had GTA 2 not improved the first game and proved to the world that such games were possible to make without flaws.

Review by: Tom Henrik

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Is very violent at times
Safe for ages: 15+
Minimum CPU: Pentium
Minimum RAM: 32
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