Goonies: 20th Anniversary Edition, The Goonies: 20th Anniversary Edition, The
Made by: Brain Games
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Excellent remake
Great graphics
Tough challenge
Only 1 life

Sometimes when a game is remade, there is a variety of reasons why it happens. Perhaps the developer’s feel they need to give justice to a game that may have fallen into obscurity and they wish to showcase a classic. Or they may feel that the game needs an overhaul in certain areas, maybe even in some of the game play mechanics. Whatever the case may be, it is always interesting to see remakes of older games being made to showcase these past titles and that’s what we have in this case. Brain Games, which made the excellent Road Fighter remake, has done it again. This time around they are remaking the MSX title The Goonies, you may have seen the movies about these little kids, and you might have played the game too, or maybe neither. Nevertheless, if you haven’t, you can still try out this excellent remake, and experience all the action and excitement it contains. It’s got some great graphics, excellent music, and just a tough challenge for the seasoned gaming pro.  This is a remake that is definitely worth your time.

The story of this game takes place in the town of Cauldron Point, down in an area known as the “Goon Docks.” One day, the group of boys known as The Goonies, Mikey, Brand, Mouth, Chunk and Data, find a map that they think may lead them to treasure. Soon, with Andy and Stef in tow, they go off in search of this treasure, only to discover it is located in the hideout of the Fratelli Gang. They are soon trapped, and its up to their friend and ally Sloth, to help free them all, and evade the Fratelli’s, all the while getting closer to finding the treasure. Once you start up the game, feel free to watch the handy in-game tutorial to learn your controls and tweak them to your liking.

Basically the goal of the game, is to find all 7 of the Goonies, and find the exit to the level.  Only then will you be able to move onto a different part of the hideout. You will need to collect keys, which will allow you to be able to open their cells. Keep in mind, you can only carry one key at a time, and you will have to plan out which cells you may want to open now and which you can save for later. As you explore the hideout, you'll encounter different enemies that you will be able to dispatch by punching them. As you defeat more and more enemies you will gain experience, and once you fill the experience meter, your health will grow. Keep a look out for potions that can help refill your health, they will sometimes appear in certain cells.

Graphically, the game looks really nice, especially compared to the original game from back in the day. The environments look quite nice, as do the different enemies, items and other objects that you see in the game. The animation is also nice to see, with the different enemies you encounter, and even just seeing your character Sloth, as he jumps and punches to defeat the enemies that get in his way. The music as well, is quite cheerful and nice to listen to. It changes when you start exploring different areas, to fit the area.  I found, for example a darker area has a more darker sound, simple eh. The game will keep you occuiped across 5 different levels, as you have to rescue the goonies and eventually make your way to find the treasure. The enemies get tougher and the situations do as well.

The challenge of this game is very tough, especially the first few times, when you are getting used to controlling Sloth. It can be a bit much at times, especially when you are facing different enemies.  Timing becomes an issue of having to attack at a certain moment. But it adds to the game, nevertheless, and if you like a good challenge, look no further. Having only one life also adds to the challenge, but you can collect potions, and as you defeat enemies your life bar will increase.  So make sure to take out every enemy whenever you can.

Nevertheless, this was an excellent game and a fantastic remake, definitely recommend you check this one out. So try it out and see what ya think.

Review by: DeathDude

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