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Excellent remake
Original sounds/sound effects
Interesting concept
Repetitive game play

I was not sure what to expect with a Ghostbusters remake. I had high hopes since the last time I played this game was way back when it hit the Nes, and well that was not really a fun experience, however this time around with the remake, I had much more fun. When the game starts to load up and soon enough you get the theme music blasting out of your speakers, that classic tune, who ya going to call? Ghostbusters! This time around though, its a more hard rock tune, and personally I like it a touch more than the original version. Getting back to the game though, this is indeed an excellent remake of the original game, complete with updated graphics, some sounds and retaining the Ghostbusters sound effects, music and more. Its definitely a different sort of game but it is definitely worth the time to check it out.

First off, set up your controls in the options menu before you start anything, and memorize your controls for you will need to know them. The idea of this game is pretty simple and somewhat follows the movies premise. You are given 10,000 dollars to purchase a vehicle, and equipment for your new business. That's right catching ghosts, so you can choose different items to aid in capturing ghosts, and or just to help you out with finding them in the first place. Once your done this you are taken to the map of the city where you are represented by the Ghostbusters logo, and you move along each of the streets looking for haunted buildings. Haunted buildings will appear as flashing red buildings. Proceed to move your little icon to the haunted building, hit the action key and you will now be taken to the driving screen, where you guide your Ghostbuster vehicle, collecting money and dodging cars to get to the location. You are next taken to the ghost capturing screen where you will see the ghost and you must set the trap to capture the ghost, then line up two of your Ghostbuster members so that they may blast the ghost with the particle beam, preventing it from flying around the screen, basically confining the ghost. Once you do so and the ghost is near the middle of the trap, hit the action key again to capture the ghost and earn yourself some cash. Miss and well one of your members will be slimed. As well, if two of your members particle accelerator beams cross in each others path, this will cause an explosion and you lose 2 members and the ghost gets away so be careful.

Eventually as you capture more and more ghosts, the pk energy rating from the ghosts will begin to rise. Eventually as long as you have earned more money than what you started with, you will be summoned to the Zuul tower to do battle with Gozer the most infamous ghost of them all.

This is essentially the main premise of the game as you try to capture as many ghosts as you can, and prevent the scourge of these ghosts from taking over the city. The game itself is very faithful to the original game, from these scenes of capturing the ghosts, to the main city scene as you see which areas are haunted and the driving scenes as well driving from place to place to capture the ghosts. Graphically the game is vastly improved, since the Ghostbuster games came out in the mid 1980's, so there is no comparison. All the sound effects and music that you remember from the movie are all present in the game. Although not complete recreations as there is a bit of difference, nevertheless its hard to spot and essentially for simplicity sakes all the sounds are present and accounted for. The concept itself of the capture element of the ghosts, and just the different areas of game play is interesting to see, and it really is what you would come to expect from a GhostBuster game. You will like louboutin uk online. So it is not silly or anything but fits with the general nature of the games idea too.

While the game is interesting in this concept, it does get repetitive after awhile. Just the amount of driving and capturing ghosts and having to go back to your HQ to empty your traps of the ghost, is tedious. Keep in mind this game is a remake and much of these elements were present in the first game, so in that case it at least kept the spirit of the original still alive with this creation.

Nevertheless, this was a fun game to play and did enjoy it with the time spent on it. It is quite challenging at first to get used to trapping the ghosts but keep at it and you will be a pro in no time, and if your patient enough you will get to the final battle with Gozer. So check out this remake of Ghostbusters and see it for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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