Gauntlet Runner Gauntlet Runner
Made by: Mems Accelerometer
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Stylish, simple and cute
Child Friendly
Easy to pick up
Fairly simplistic
Low resolution
Can get repetitive

Gauntlet Runner -

At first, I wasnt sure about this little gem. Truth be told, I thought Id be in for a slight disappointment. In fact the game surpassed my expectations and really began to grown on me by the time I was finished with it.

Its a simple game, theres no denying that. A cute little platformer, that at heart stays true to the genre. Your names Murney, and youre on a mission to deliver some data for the king of robot cool.. Your creator. Truth be told, thats simpler than it sounds. At first, anyway. After starting the game, youll be given your task and sent across the dangerous depths the field in order to get tour package to Professor Derg. In reality, youll be running from one side of your monitor to the other. whilst jumping over an array of obstacles and nasties.

When I say simple, I mean it. Theres only one button youll ever need to use and thats space. With a push of your little mechanical ankles, you can leap quite quickly into the air. You get pretty high for a clunky box of metal, I always wonder if I where to make my own little robot if Id have put in a little more love than Mr RobotBuilder did. I mean, after all.. Youre just a little tin can filled with a dim buzzing electrical brain, how hard would it be to add a little splash of colour on the side. Plain is boring, but luckily the levels arent.

The levels start off pretty simple, and at first its just a matter of taping space a few seconds before an obstacle comes up. Hit anything on the screen, and your little robot buddy will go up in smoke. It looks nice, but it also means you have to start the level again! Now, as you progress through the game everything becomes slightly more complex. I made my way though the first couple of levels with ease, zipping through with a nice pacey time. As I moved through the levels, I tended to be back at the beginning more often than Id expect from such a game. Heck, how can pressing one button on your keyboard be so tricky. Trust me, it is. Youll notice the blocks are packed together tightier as you progress, theres just more of them in general and more importantly  your little enemies hit the coca cola and  speed up just to try and ruin your day. Never fear, its all in the name of fun!

Graphically, the game is fairly simplistic. I wouldnt want it any other way either. Simple graphics for a simple game. Just like the game, everything here just feels natural. From the clean cartoony backgrounds, and bright bulging blocks to the slightly more amusing little turtle like bomb thingies. Everything has a sense of character that you dont really get with 3D games of the modern era. Thats not to say theres not room for improvement, in my opinion everything felt slightly static.

Like any good game, theres one clear goal here. Get from A to B, and dont die. Its a simple but fun experience. Perfect for those of you starting out with platform games, or maybe for your kids whore just starting out on games in general. Its a game worthy of your collection, even if it wont keep you occupied for hours on end. Its definatly fun and when you have a couple minutes to kill, give it a go.

Oh and, I love being called Murney.. That just rocks.

Review by: Sean

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