Game That Takes Place on a Cruise Ship, The Game That Takes Place on a Cruise Ship, The
Made by: Deidra Kiai Productions
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Intriguing story
4 different endings
Pretty good graphics/music
Story is revealed slowly

I enjoy the direction some games take when it is decided to poke fun at itself directly or even indirectly at the genre. This is very common within the adventure genre and really to pull it off successfully is not easy. What we have with this game is that it does pull off the jokes about the cliche adventure practices, like stealing objects in plain view, and all the other ideas you can imagine. It also has a intriguing story that draws you in with some good music, different paths to see that branch off with four endings to see. This adventure game really does have a lot in store for the adventure fan.

The game starts off with our crazy long title that makes you wonder why did they have to use a long title. Maybe they wanted to stand out even more with this game by having the long somewhat cliche title. You start in our main character Gertrude Zzyrgenhymer apartment as she is viewing her emails. Again, with her crazy name and blue hair intact.  She ends up finding an email that says she has won a trip on the S.S. Asylum, the most technologically advanced ship of the time. You are soon on board, in your room, starting your adventure.  Along the way you will meet some interesting characters, encounter some crazy situations and end up wondering what really is going on. Along the way making some jokes about the typical adventure, genre cliche actions and you have yourself a game.

The mouse handles all the game's actions and movement.  Left click an action and then left click whatever it is you want to do. Just a note to point out, if you find Gertrude is walking too slow, double click where you want her to move and she will move a lot faster. Graphically the game has adopted a cartoony style that looks good all around. The characters and the different rooms you explore on the ship all really look nicely done. The story, as you will discover in game, gets interesting once you start playing. You have to play a bit before it is fully revealed to you, but when you do this is where the game shines. Instead of going through the typical linear one path that adventure games choose, you have four different paths you can take. This leads to a total of four different endings that you can see and really it gives you reason to play the game once you beat it for the first time. Plus, once you get to the branching path that determines what you will have to do in order to beat one of the four scenarios, you'll be able to use this knowledge to get through the game faster and try out the other scenarios.

The only real negative with the game is that it does take some time before the story is revealed to you. At first you will wander the ship doing various tasks but keep trying to pick up objects, using them and remembering all your adventure training for you'll need it.

This was overall a really good adventure game and definitely if you're a fan of the genre you'll definitely want to check this game out, just remember it's long title if you can and see it for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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