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Great graphics
Great sounds
Easy interface
No stable multiplayer (yet)

Tux - the savior of mankind... with antennaes...What makes this different from other RPG's is that FreeDroid chooses the futuristic interface over the "old-fashioned" one. This makes it look like more of a fun game, than creeping in the deep, dark and dull caves, already seen in pretty much all other RPG's. Once more, there are a lot of surprises - like finding out that your character is a... penguin, named Tux, the Linux mascot.

Life capsulesThe story takes place in a far-future world where robots and droids occupy services and jobs. The company providing the operating systems for the bots 'Monopoly Systems' used them to enslave humanity. Some 20 years after the MS has taken control of the universe, the bots rebelled. Humanity was attacked by it's bots and fled to secret underground caverns on remote planets. This is where you come in - you are awakened from stasis the MS had put you, and you're returning to save the world.

Yeah! Eat my Star Wars RPG Convention Laserstick, metalhead!The graphics are superb. If your PC is up to it, then you should use the maximum resolution and texture quality available and enjoy watching this great game. The whole world is filled with great detail, but it is somewhat a bit repetive at times. As for the sounds, they are great. Not all characters have voices and the voice acting isn't all that, but the job is well done overall. It surprises me how much atmosphere the game has in such a small package.

Review by: Troop18546

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70,8 MB
Multiplayer modes:
Age rating:
Safe for all ages
Pentium 1 or higher
A minimum of 96RAM

Runs on:
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
& UNIX-like OSes
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