Frank the Farmhand Part 2 Frank the Farmhand Part 2
Made by: FovArt
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Good replayability
Some questionable content

Many games have come and gone on AGS, but few become famous or eye popping. The Frank the Farmhand series has been both controversial well known, both for its seriously dark themes of comedy, and for its content. But fear not, none of these things have kept Frank from becoming a great adventure game series. Created in 2003 by Fov Productions, Frank the Farmhand has created such a stir in the adventure game community that even Dr. Fred from Maniac Mansion has turned over in his LucasArts-induced grave. The sequel followed quickly in 2004, and was even more successful due to its updated animations and visuals.

Frank the Farmhand 2 follows the story of Frank, a young boy who is on the run from an evil world-control organization run by Mr. Big, who calls the shots behind the power of the American government. Frank, Ben, and the professor are captured by the organization and placed in a Cuban concentration camp. Awaiting nothing but death, Frank escapes in order to try and find a way to save his friends and his country. Along the way he will meet many interesting, evil, and just plain weird characters, and travel across many exciting locations.

The content in the game is very controversial and sometimes provocative, making this game only suitable for players age 18 and over. content includes strong language, sexual theme, strong violence, and racism that have made dark comedy famous. the music, art, and story are all very well done and fit the style of the game perfectly. Replayability is high, since a laugh can easily be found anywhere in this game. I'm sure anyone reading this will agree when I give the game a 4 out of 5.

Review by: Fawfulhasfury

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strong language, sexual theme, strong violence, racism
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